Hate the Snow? These Colorado Winter Outings Are for You, No Coats Required

It has come to my attention that not all HeidiTown citizens love winter. Apparently sparkling snow doesn’t have a magical effect on some people and in fact, makes them long for hot summer days at the lake.

Hate the Snow on HeidiTown.com, Mystic Mermaids; Photo credit by Luis Torres
Mystic Mermaids, photo by Luis Torres (photo provided by Downtown Aquarium)

I don’t have a touchstone with this, as I love the snow and all things snow-related, but as a good Mayor, I shouldn’t ignore this segment of my town. And while I enjoy tromping through freshly fallen snow, I do, occasionally, go indoors during the winter.

Here are a few Colorado outings where it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a snowball to the face or slip on unseen ice or get your tongue stuck to a frozen pole.

Get Artsy

Denver is no cowtown. The Denver Art Museum gets the top shows in the country and I’m thrilled to have such a high caliber museum out my backdoor.

Hate the Snow on HeidiTown.com DAM Star Wars
Denver Art Museum, courtesy photo

We’re planning to head down soon to see the new Star Wars exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. If you haven’t heard about this exhibit yet, I could accuse you of living under rock, but I won’t. Sometimes these things get past even me.

The Denver Art Museum is fun to visit year round, but we often find ourselves targeting this museum on snowy days.

Get Smart

And speaking of museums, they are a good option for snow days. I have been known to spend an entire day at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This is possible because they have an onsite cafe and deli, so one does not have to leave to find food.

Denver Museum of Nature of Science, courtesy photo
Denver Museum of Nature & Science, courtesy photo

I come from a family of museum lovers and have been to a number of famous ones across the United States and I think the DMNS rates among the very best.

Their Mummies exhibit is gone on Feb. 6, so if you love mummies, you’d better get there fast. My husband is super excited for their next show – Vikings: Beyond the Legend, which runs March 10 through August 13, 2017.

Get Classical

I realize this post is starting to sound a little overly cultured, but I think most of you are fairly enlightened folks, so let’s talk symphony. While the Denver Performing Arts Center has wonderful shows year round, the symphony’s season runs fall through winter, making this the perfect time to attend a concert.

Hate the Snow on HeidiTown.com BoettcherHallFull86274
Colorado Symphony, courtesy photo

For several years we bought Colorado Symphony packages and loved spending a night on the town in Denver on concert evenings. It’s a great excuse to try a new restaurant or a new place for dessert after the show.

Get Cultured

If you’ve read HeidiTown for any length of time you already know that I love dinner theater. My two favorite go-to places are Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown and BDT Stage in Boulder, formerly Boulder Dinner Theatre.

Hate the Snow? These Colorado Winter Outings Are for You, No Coats Required
“Thoroughly Modern Millie” at BDT Stage | © Glenn Ross | www.glennrossphoto.com

Getting dinner and catching a play at either of these venues is surprisingly affordable and makes for a memorable evening.

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” is on stage in Boulder and “Forever Plaid” is bringing down the house at Candlelight.

Be sure to find out what is playing at your local playhouse as well this winter. I’m a big supporter and fan of community theatre. You may be very surprised at the quality talent that’s in your town.

Get Wet

Okay, you don’t really get wet at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, and in fact, visiting the aquarium actually makes for a nice escape from a snowy Colorado day.

Mystic Mermaids, photo by Mike Goodell
Mystic Mermaids, photo by Mike Goodell (photo provided by Downtown Aquarium)

I haven’t been to the aquarium in years, but a few HeidiTown citizens recently visited and said it was a great place to take the kids. And since this post is lacking in many kid-friendly outings, here it is.

The Downtown Aquarium has dining and a 4-D Theater, which I didn’t know about until I visited their website. What’s a 4-D theater you ask? I had to look it up myself, but apparently it’s a theater that shows 3D movies, but also features things like sensor-equipped motions seats, wind, strobe, fog, rain and scents. So I suppose you might get wet at the Denver Aquarium after all.

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