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The Best Last Minutes Holiday Gifts in Colorado & Beyond

I have been the recipient of several of these membership gifts over the years and I can attest that they are the best.

The Best Last Minutes Holiday Gifts in Colorado & Beyond, Longhopes Donkey Rescue

Adopt a donkey in your friend or family member’s name this holiday season. Longhopes Donkey Rescue, Bennett, CO

The Gift of Membership

Giving the gift of membership really is the gift that keeps on giving, and I’m not talking about the Jelly of the Month Club. I’ve got much better membership gifting advice for you.

Gift of Membership

Denver Botanic Gardens

Over the years, we’ve been members of the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Colorado Symphony. Currently, I’m a member of the Denver Botanic Garden. Giving a membership to any of these organizations is excellent for many reasons; the first being that the recipient may make you his or her plus one and this gift is likely a tax right off, but there are more altruistic reasons too. Continue reading

A Holiday Shopping Extravaganza in Ouray, Colorado

I’ll be the first to admit that I love online shopping. I’m also going to admit that when I visited Ouray this past weekend for Wine, Chocolate & Cheese Festival, I had no intention of Christmas shopping while in town except to maybe find something for my nieces at Ouray’s excellent toy store.

Kristopher's Culinaire and Hotel Ouray, Ouray, Colorado.

Khristopher’s Culinaire below Hotel Ouray.

After a satisfying breakfast at Backstreet Bistro, now located on 7th Avenue, we crossed the street to O’Toys. We’d browsed this toy store before and knew that they had a lot of great stuff for kids.

The new owners have taken a keen interest in getting to know the products they sell, and Tina helped us pick out the perfect gifts for our pre-teen and post-toddler nieces. We also picked up a new card game that’s been a hit in Ouray. It’s called Happy Salmon and is chaos your family will love. Continue reading

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