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The Summer of 2008 - Favorite Movie

It’s official – summer is over. The geese are flying in formation over my house (I think I live under Goose Highway), leaves are covering my front yard and football is dominating my television. I saw a lot of movies this summer. A high number of these summer blockbusters featured comic book characters, a subject I covered recently in an article I wrote for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.   Here

What's My All-Time Favorite Movie?

Find out what movie holds the ranking of Heidi’s All-Time Favorite Movie now posted under Movie Reviews. Click here to read it:  Heidi’s All-Time Favorite Movie Note: The tabs at the top of the page will quickly transport you to the review pages.   When you reach the page, simply scroll down until you find the name of the movie, restaurant or book you’re looking for.