The Summer of 2008 – Favorite Movie

It’s official – summer is over. The geese are flying in formation over my house (I think I live under Goose Highway), leaves are covering my front yard and football is dominating my television.

I saw a lot of movies this summer. A high number of these summer blockbusters featured comic book characters, a subject I covered recently in an article I wrote for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.   Here is a link to the PDF: what-goes-around-superheroes.

As I reflect on the movie offerings of the  summer of 2008, I have to concede my favorite movie, based on entertainment value, was “Iron Man.” The movie is available on DVD this Tuesday.  I do not think it will be quite as awe-inspiring on the small screen, but I still recommend it.

What was your favorite movie of the summer?


  1. Thanks for checking out and commenting on our blog

    We just thought we would answer your favorite summer movie query.

    Alison favorite summer movie was “Wall-E,” followed by “The Dark Knight.” But “Wall-E” is the best movie ever made.

    Jessica thinks her favorite movie of the summer would have been “Iron Man,” if only she had gotten around to seeing it. However, she did not. Instead, it will have to be “The Dark Knight” for the time being.

    Jessica is having a hard time time believing that Wall-E is the best movie ever made, even though she has not seen it. Alison has decided not to get violent over this indiscretion.


  2. I didn’t see Wall-E. I have an aversion to seeing kid movies at the theater.

    The story goes like this: We went to see Monsters, Inc. and the little boy in front of us had apparently eaten too much candy. About halfway through the movie he proceeded to threw up all over the floor. We moved, but it was too late, the entire theater smelled of little kid vomit. That was the last kid movie I saw at the theater. Just don’t want to risk another upchucking episode.

    The most annoying? The mother just moved her kids to another section of the theater! She didn’t even go out and get a theater attendant to clean it up – someone else had to run out and ask for a clean up.

    I will rent Wall-E.


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