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What to see, what to see...

Last week there wasn’t one movie I wanted to see at the theater, but on behalf of my readers (wink) I went to “Eagle Eye.” The movie was awful, but I love  tearing into  movies I  don’t like  (it’s therapeutic), so it was all worthwhile. This  week I have  one of those good dilemmas.  I actually want to see three of the movies opening today!   At the top of

What I'm Watching on DVD

I have started a new page at Heidi Town.   You will find What I’m Watching on DVD under Movie Reviews. These will be shorter versions of my other reviews. Check it out!   As always, feel free to leave comments or recommendations.

Run, Fat Boy, RUN!!!!!!!!!!

New  Movie  Review Posted! Check out my review of Run, Fat Boy, Run: Something I forgot to mention in my review is this:   the title is stupid.   I think they could have come up with something much better.