We're Back!

We had a great time in Houston.

Thank you  to Dean & Lindsay for their hospitality.     They were expert tour  guides of the city.   We visited museums, NASA and Galveston – managed to pack a lot into a quick trip.     I was impressed with Houston – several people had given me some negative views on the city (before I went), but overall I found it to be quite nice!   The museum district is beautiful with  giant oak trees towering over the streets.   The city is huge with an enormous freeway system; it would be very intimidating if I’d had to drive.   There are hundreds of restaurants and no lack of things to do.    I ate fish tacos, drank wine, ate  steak stuffed  poblano  peppers, drank more wine, had a  outrageously good  bbq salmon with dill sauce,  drank a little more wine, a  shrimp  po’or boy with wine; it went on like this  for several days!   A very memorable time was had by all!    

I’m going to have to walk quite a few miles to burn off these vacation calories!

I finished “A Thousand Splendid Suns”  and started “Three Cups of Tea” (by Greg Mortenson) while in Houston so I will have a new book review and  a new  movie review up very soon (hopefully, before Wednesday).

Keep checking in!

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