Snowiest December on Record

It appears Colorado has set a new record for December snow fall.   I don’t know the exact numbers, but I will post it, as soon as I locate the information.   We have at least a foot in our front yard and as much as three feet in areas where the snow has drifted.   The snow from yesterday is the consistency of sand, not good snowball making material,

Congratulations Ben & Kiki!!

These two crazy kids got engaged over the holidays!!   Who would have guessed?   The Queen of Hearts & the White Rabbit gett’in hitched. Engagement  photo: the happy  couple. (click the green link) Congratulations Ben Schutt  & Kiki Soule!

Dog Owners Beware

An interesting  court case is going on in Arvada, CO.   If people are allowed to sue over being scared by a big dog, we’re all going to be in big trouble.   If cities start putting dogs down for scaring people, we’re in even bigger trouble. My personal opinion, after reading the info on the website and listening to the dog owner on Peter Boyles’ radio show, I’ve concluded

Three new reviews posted!

This weekend…   Should you waste your money on I am Legend? Where should you go out for a nice dinner? These questions will be answered by taking a peek at my reviews on I am Legend, Max Gill & Grill and Wynkoops.   Also, if you’re looking for something good on television – check out my post from yesterday where I recommend several of my favorite reality television shows.

Writers Strike?  Reality Television to the Rescue

Despite the writers strike, we’ve been enjoying great television lately.   There are a few shows we genuinely miss, especially “The Office.”   However, I have no problem with the writers wanting more money – if it weren’t for writers there would be no stories and without stories all television would be bad reality t.v.!!! But not all reality t.v. will rot your brain.   Here are two programs  I

Good Afternoon

We’ve been out of town again, so I’ve been negligent in getting reviews and posts up.   However, over the last couple days I’ve managed a review of the movie breaking box office records, I am Legend, and my favorite Denver eatery, Max Gill & Grill.   I am working on several more reviews and will have them posted shortly.   I hope you’re all surviving the holidays!

Winter is here!

Snowshoeing in Colorado. Photo taken in 2006 near Fairplay, Colorado. I know it’s not officially winter, but it sure looks like it outside my window.   Earlier today, we took Xena and walked over to the coffee shop.   It’s a winter wonderland and it’s cold!   The  sun is not shining and it looks like it might dump more snow on us at any time.   I say, LET

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

 Loveland, Colorado The snow is falling today and I’m feeling a bit more festive. I guess since it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’m  going to have to face that it ’tis the season. Colorado’s northern mountains (this includes resorts such as Vail, Steamboat Springs and A-Basin) are getting approx. 2 feet of snow through the weekend – our southern mountains (places such as Telluride and Durango) are

The Holidays Blahs

I can’t seem to get into the spirit this year.   Early today, for a brief moment, I felt somewhat spirited when NPR played a medley of Christmas songs performed by a brass band.   It was very festive and I found myself happily humming along, but when the songs were over, my Christmas spirit swirled away like smoke in a stiff breeze.  I’ve watched several Christmas movies, hoping that