Snowiest December on Record

163_6304.jpgIt appears Colorado has set a new record for December snow fall.   I don’t know the exact numbers, but I will post it, as soon as I locate the information.   We have at least a foot in our front yard and as much as three feet in areas where the snow has drifted.   The snow from yesterday is the consistency of sand, not good snowball making material, but great ice making material.   The roads have been slick as glass for the last 48 hours.  

My car’s outside temp monitor read -11  degrees  at 7:50  a.m.    

I am looking forward to strapping on my snowshoes later today and trekking around the two lakes near my house.  

It looks like the snow will be sticking around for awhile.   Today’s high is 20 degrees and  it’s staying  in the 30’s for the next several days.

Winter in Colorado… it’s  beautiful, especially when the sun is  shining, making the  snow  sparkle like a million diamonds.  

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