Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Dec. 7,  2007  Loveland, Colorado

The snow is falling today and I’m feeling a bit more festive. I guess since it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’m  going to have to face that it ’tis the season. Colorado’s northern mountains (this includes resorts such as Vail, Steamboat Springs and A-Basin) are getting approx. 2 feet of snow through the weekend – our southern mountains (places such as Telluride and Durango) are suppose to get 4 feet.  I think they’ve been sacrificing small children to the snow gods at the ski resorts.

We are headed to the  Silverthorne/Dillon area next weekend and thankfully there will be some snow on which to snowshoe – the rest of our group will be skiing and snowboarding, but I find snowshoeing to be a fun and fulfilling sport (and not nearly as dangerous or scary as throwing myself down a mountain).   Click here (Snowshoeing) to read an article I wrote last year on snowshoeing.   A similar article was published on www.skitown.com:   http://www.skitown.com/e-zine/article.cfm?id=13.

The movie, The Golden Compass, started today. So far the reviews aren’t too thrilling, so I’m not sure I’ll spend the money to see it in the theater. I do have a lot of reviews to catch up on and I’m hoping to get several of them posted this weekend. Last weekend, we saw Enchanted, and it was enchanting; sort of forgettable, but a great date movie.

For the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor  I’m writing an article about pets and the holidays. Yesterday, I visited the Larimer Humane Society  to get some information for the article. I was stunned to see dozens of kittens and puppies there. This doesn’t seem the right time of year, but the LHS informed me “there is no particular season” for  baby animals anymore – they received kittens and puppies year round. Unfortunately, they have taken in a record  number of animals over the last several months.

I discovered a  pure-bred, six year old,  female German Shepherd  at LHS; she’s been there since November 26.  She’s very sweet and loving – you can tell she doesn’t want to be there – GSD’s don’t really do well in shelters – they are high stress dogs and being in a shelter is very hard on them. I wish I could take her, but we don’t have the room for another big dog.  I have posted her on www.germanshepherds.com, hopefully the added publicity will help her find a good GSD-fanatic home. If you know anyone who may be interested in her or any other animal from LHS, please direct them to their website: www.larimerhumane.org.

I hope you all are keeping warm and safe.

Give your pets an extra hug today – they don’t know how good they have it.

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  1. Thank you so much for giving that little lady some more exposure. She sounds like a doll. I wish I could give her at least a foster home while she’s looking for her forever home. Your right, most GSD’s do NOT do well in shelters. I sure hope she gets a home soon! It breaks my heart to think of her there. It’s so hard to believe that the shelters are still full of unwanted baby animals. Why aren’t people getting their animals fixed? It is such a irresponsible thing to let your animals just keep on breeding.

    Have you watched Ladies in Lavendar yet? I just love that movie! I’m hesitant to watch a made for Christmas movie again. The ones I have watched have been stupid~!

    I got to walk in the sunshine here in Oregon. Over 50 degrees. It was so nice. We sure had our share of rain in the last week. Colorado would have been swept right off the map if you had gotten the kind of rain we had!
    I’m enjoying your blog! Carm


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