January 2008

-Karaoke Contest a Sham

Last night we attended a karaoke contest at Chipper Lanes in Fort Collins. The contest was touted as an international karaoke contest with live judges. The winner receives $4,000 and a recording session. The contest  started last night and runs  for several months with the winners of each session competing  in a semi-final  and eventually  traveling to  Florida to compete in the finals.   A good friend from Denver is

-Coming Soon...

The following reviews will be posted soon… Rambo (not Oscar-worthy, but good, dirty, bloody fun) U2 3D (we’re seeing this in Denver tonight! probably the only way I’ll ever be able to afford to see my favorite band in concert)

Is it really 2008?

I have been negligent and that is exactly what they warn against in blogging.   Quite frankly, I’m considering breaking this blog into three different blogs – a movie review site, restaurant review site and book review site.   This whole blogging world is so intriguing for me as a writer and as a girl with a whole lot of opinions, but I also have 2 other jobs (3 technically)