-Karaoke Contest a Sham

Last night we attended a karaoke contest at Chipper Lanes in Fort Collins. The contest was touted as an international karaoke contest with live judges. The winner receives $4,000 and a recording session. The contest  started last night and runs  for several months with the winners of each session competing  in a semi-final  and eventually  traveling to  Florida to compete in the finals.  

A good friend from Denver is an avid karaoke  singer  with real singing  talent so she decided to compete in this competition.  Just for fun, I signed up as  well.  

Turns out the entire competition is a sham. They claim to be judging on performance, accuracy and vocal ability, but the  guy who won did an ear piercing version of Prince’s  Kiss, and though the guy was highly entertaining in the way  a drunk friend might be entertaining performing a Prince song,  his  vocal abilities were horrendous.  In addition, we found out at the end of the competition the so-called “judges” were simply sponsors of the event.  

We had a lot of fun, but were disappointed to find out the contest was not serious; at least they didn’t  charge us admission and  several in our group  won raffel  prizes, so  in the end, the  outing was worth it.    

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