The Wild Game Longmont, Not Just for Kids

One of the perks of being in my line of work is that occasionally I am invited to check out a new place. I don’t always accept these invites, but when The Wild Game in Longmont asked if I’d be willing to check them out on the house, I knew Ryan would be disappointed if I turned them down – the guy loves games.

The Wild Game Longmont, not just for kids. bocce ball.

The second The Wild Game opened recently in Longmont on Ken Pratt Boulevard. The first is located in Evergreen, Colorado.

While we enjoy entertainment centers such as this one, they are often filled with children and there’s no place for adults to escape. After munching on awesome happy hour pretzels at The Wild Game’s downstairs bar, we headed to The Loft, the 21 and older second-floor bar. We sipped beer and I crushed Ryan at shuffleboard. The Loft also features pool, darts and a patio for sunset watching. Continue reading

5 Best Valentine’s Dates, according to the Mayor

Read this closely guys, because the planning for this holiday usually falls on your shoulders. Here are a few ideas from the Mayor, and I think any of these date nights will score you big points this Valentine’s Day.

1. Dinner theater – There’s a slight chance all the dinner theater joints are already booked for Valentine’s Day, but it’s worth checking. Dinner theater is an entire evening of fun without ever having to leave your seat. Seriously, it makes a great date. Even for those of you who aren’t “theater” people, this evening will undoubtedly prove entertaining. If you can’t find any tickets left for dinner theater, take her to dinner and a play. Colorado has an amazing theater scene, and I guarantee you’ll find a special show.

2. A night away – Don’t underestimate how sexy a hotel room can be as opposed to your bedroom; after all, she sees that scene every night. Whether it’s a stay at a local bed and breakfast in your own town, or a hotel in the nearby big city, a one night excursion just may rock your Valentine’s world, and it won’t break the bank.

Tip: Make the drive extra special by making your gal a mixed CD, or create a playlist on your iPod of her favorite songs so that you can listen to it in the car. Sometimes it’s the little things that make for a truly great date.

3. Go bowling – You think I’m joking? Perhaps you missed my post entitled “You’ve forgotten, you love to bowl.” Some of my most memorable date nights with my husband have been at the bowling ally.

Of course, this night should not include the dinner special at Applebees. Sorry Applebees, but you just aren’t Valentine’s Day material. Bowling may not sound like Valentine’s Day material either, but accompanied by a nice dinner at a local steakhouse it just might be the most fun you’ve had in years.

Tip: Rule the jukebox. Every bowling ally has one and guys, you need to load it up with her favorite songs. Throw in a couple of your favorites too, but make sure the night is full of tunes that will keep her dancing. She will love it, believe me – just do it.

4. Eat fondue – There’s nothing nothing sexier than dipping food into sauces and eating without a fork. Fondue, like dinner theater, is an entire evening of entertainment. There’s a strong possibility that most fondue restaurants are already booked for Valentine’s Day. If that’s the case, than pull out the fondue pot you got as a wedding present. You remember – it’s still sealed in the box, buried in the basement next to all that other stuff you put on your registry because that gun was just so fun to use. I hear fondue is very easy to make at home. I can’t say for sure because I’ve never used the one we got as a wedding present.

Tip: Don’t forget to pair your fondue with tons of wine. And when looking up fondue recipes, don’t forget dessert fondue.

5. Stay in – I’m usually trying to make you get off the couch and get out there and do stuff, but sometimes staying in can be romantic as long as it’s well executed. Be sure to leave the kids with an overnight sitter, otherwise it’s just another night. Order in or pick up her favorite take out. Think sushi, not pizza. Fire up the candles and her favorite romantic movie and don’t forget the wine and flowers.

Need help deciding on a romantic movie? Here are the Mayor’s suggestions:

“The Princess Bride”
“When Harry Met Sally”
“Sleepless in Seattle”
“EverAfter”Tip: If you are married already, any wedding movie will do. If you are not married and don’t intend to propose on that very night, a romantic wedding movie isn’t a good idea.

Have you experienced an outstanding Valentine’s Day date night?  Please feel free to share it in the comment section.

You’ve forgotten – you love to bowl!


If you are anything like me, you bowl about once or twice a year.   I recently bowled with my husband on a Friday  evening date night  at Sweetheart Lanes in Loveland.   I  was reminded  – I love to bowl!  

I’m not good at it and my form is probably atrocious.   I don’t think I’ve ever broken a 100.   But there’s something intrinsically fun about bowling.   It’s partly the shoes.   They make the wearer feel like a soft shoe dancer  – sliding around on the polished floor automatically puts me in a happy mood.

It’s partially the atmosphere.   We chose to do  “glow in the dark” bowling (sometimes called Cosmic Bowling).   The lights were dimmed, the lanes lit an eerie blue with disco lights buzzing around us like a 70s dance hall.  

With the jukebox blaring our favorite tunes, and a cold pitcher of beer, it was  a fun, affordable, all-American evening.   We even won two free  games!  

So whether you are planning a date night with your honey or just a night out with friends, don’t count out bowling.

Learn more about Sweetheart Lanes by visiting

-Karaoke Contest a Sham

Last night we attended a karaoke contest at Chipper Lanes in Fort Collins. The contest was touted as an international karaoke contest with live judges. The winner receives $4,000 and a recording session. The contest  started last night and runs  for several months with the winners of each session competing  in a semi-final  and eventually  traveling to  Florida to compete in the finals.  

A good friend from Denver is an avid karaoke  singer  with real singing  talent so she decided to compete in this competition.  Just for fun, I signed up as  well.  

Turns out the entire competition is a sham. They claim to be judging on performance, accuracy and vocal ability, but the  guy who won did an ear piercing version of Prince’s  Kiss, and though the guy was highly entertaining in the way  a drunk friend might be entertaining performing a Prince song,  his  vocal abilities were horrendous.  In addition, we found out at the end of the competition the so-called “judges” were simply sponsors of the event.  

We had a lot of fun, but were disappointed to find out the contest was not serious; at least they didn’t  charge us admission and  several in our group  won raffel  prizes, so  in the end, the  outing was worth it.    

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