Random Act of Kindness Brightens My Day

I went to the drive-thru for coffee this morning. When I pulled up to the window the cheery barista worker informed me that the woman who had just gone through before had paid for my Irish Cream Americano. Surprised, I drove to work, drinking my free coffee and trying to remember the last time something like this happened to me (never) and how I could pay this kind deed forward.  Also, I wondered what inspired the woman in the non-descript, bumper-sticker free gold minivan to buy me coffee; had a stranger done the same for her the week before, had she just watched the movie Pay it Forward, had she just won the lotto?   If someone had done this for her in the past, when did this “buying the stranger behind you a coffee” thing start?   It could have been years ago or last week, but I’d bet this chain of kindness I have now been linked to has been going on for awhile.

The irony here is the woman in front of me did not know I have the ability to broadcast this random act of kindness to a wide audience; she could not have known I am a blogger and write for a local newspaper.    It just goes to show –  you just never know how a random act of kindness may develop or blossom beyond just a free cup of coffee.

In this current climate of economic insecurities, political squabbling and winter doldrums it made my day to receive a cup of coffee from a total stranger and I can’t wait to pay it forward.  Can you imagine how much nicer the world  would be  if each person  performed one small,  random act of kindness for another person  every  week?

If you’ve received a random act of kindness in the past, please let me know about it!!  


  1. Hey,

    It was heart melting to read your story– really.

    And yes, I can imagine a world and a much nicer world if people acted kindly. I have a random acts of kindness project at my blog to try and do my bit.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad


  2. I was a witness to a Random Act of Kindness this morning (and I too have blogged this event). As I say in my post, even as a witness, and not a direct benefactor to this Act, I still feel warm and fuzzy in the inside because of it! How wonderful isn’t it!!


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