New Review Posted: No Country for Old Men

This movie won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Writing (adapted screenplay).   Find out whether I agreed with the Academy: No Country for Old Men.

As a side note, the 80th Academy Awards aired last Sundy. It received the all-time lowest rating for an Academy Award show. Quite frankly, it was boring.   I say, get rid Jon Stewart.  He was not funny.  Bring back  Billy Crystal or Ellen Degeneres  –  anyone but Jon Stewart!!!  

And as for the dresses, BORING.    I actually heard some people  mooning over  Cameron Diaz, but I think she looked like a  shell. See pic here.   Other loved Anne Hathaway’s red number, but I thought it was awful –   it appeared to me the designer got interrupted or  just gave up.   See pic here.    

My vote would be for Marion Cotillard, see pic. She looked beautifully French. If you haven’t seen La Vie En Rose,  her portrayal of the legendary Edith Piaf is extraordinary and she deservedly took home Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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  1. saw no country for old men the other day, it’s pleasantly unconventional… dumbfounding form a moral angle, but that can be a good thing.


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