"Julie & Julia" the perfect excuse for a girls' night


As my girlfriends will tell you, I need no  excuse to organize a girls’ night out, but “Julie  & Julia,” coming to theaters this Friday, is the perfect excuse!

For a  brief, yet wonderful,  moment in time, I belonged to a recipe club. At our first “club” meeting, we spent three delightful hours talking about all things food-related: our favorite televisions chefs, our culinary inspirations and our cooking success and fiascos. We spent over an hour passing around our “tried and true” recipes and giving brief (and sometimes lengthy) descriptions of where the recipe came from as well as our experiences with the recipe. We laughed until our faces hurt. To deem the party a success would be an understatement.

The Med in Boulder, ColoradoWe would meet, once a month, at a different the  club member’s house to  share recipes and food. We even took a “field trip” to The Med in Boulder, Colorado, to partake in tapas. Tapas is the Spanish name given to a wide variety of appetizers. Sitting on the patio, we tried everything from Datiles con Tocino (bacon wrapped dates) to Catalan Shrimp (shrimp swimming in olive oil infused with red pepper and garlic).

When I saw the previews for “Julie & Julia,” I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get the group back together for  some wine  and appetizers at a local restaurant. Then we will head to our local theater to see the film.

The perfect girls’ night out?   I think so.

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