September 13, 2009

HeidiTown Rant: Leave your screaming kids at home

It’s another HeidiTown rant, and it’s about time.  A year and a half  has past  since  I wrote a rant, about cell phones in theaters. Today it’s kids and babies in theaters, though the cell phone problem hasn’t gotten any better. I’m not talking about children at cartoon movies. I’m talking about kids at the movies I go to – primarily PG13 or R movies with adult themes. I cannot

Bye bye summer, hello football, film & survivor

I’m a little sad to see summer on the way out, but there are two great things about fall. Well, three actually. 1. Football 2. Movies 3. Survivor (yes, I still watch it) Yes, the fall movie line up is here and this means the summer blockbuster will be replaced by more thoughtful story lines, better acting and more movies made for an adult audience.   This summer wasn’t a