Fall Colors in the Rockies ““ get out of the car and get on the trail

Kenosha Pass by Ryan Schlaefer
Kenosha Pass by Ryan Schlaefer

Every year at this time, the news stations around Denver start urging people to go on drive to look at the colors changing. They post picture after picture, exactly like the one above, showing people who don’t go on a drive just what they are missing. After all, I’ve seen both and Colorado’s fall rivals the famed fall-color changes in New England.

What is the purpose of a drive? I was forced to go on drives as a kid and basically, it involves looking at the world from the inside of a car. It’s most boring way I can think of to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I encourage you to get out this fall, but don’t just get out of your garage – get out of your car. Go on hike. There are many hikes around Colorado, perfect for viewing the colorful forests. You don’t have to do a difficult hike. Just get out and walk.

A great place to see turning aspens is on top of Kenosha Pass. There are several trailheads at the top of the pass, and  all provide  sweeping vistas of brilliant yellow and red aspens clustered among the evergreens.

Kenosha Pass East Trail will be busy this time of year, however it is less than two miles and the fresh Rocky Mountain air will be good for you. To get there from Denver take Hwy 285 towards Fairplay.

Rocky Mountain National Park is also a wonderful area to view the changing colors of the Rockies. Just remember, no dog allowed in the park.  From all points east, take routes 34 or 36 through Estes Park.

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