A HeidiTown favorite: Colorado Coffee Exhange

Colorado Coffee
Colorado Coffee, Loveland, CO. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer

I’ve been remiss in my duty to review this place. My husband and I been going to this coffee shop since they first opened as a Loveland Coffee several years ago. We go there so often they recognize our vehicles when we pull up to the drive-thru. I use the coffee shop as a second office, and I use the drive-thru when I don’t have time to stop in for a while.

Recently, the shop became a Colorado Coffee Exchange. Owner, Mike Thorsrud, has been working tirelessly to renovate the shop and get the word out about the shop’s existence. The location is sort of hidden, on the northeast corner of Eisenhower and Boyd Lake Road (CR9), inside the First National Bank building. The  original Colorado Coffee  Company  has been at the Fort Collins mall for fifteen years.

Thankfully, a lot of the same staff still work at the shop (and have been at the shop for years). The staff members are the reason I go, plus it’s close to my house and they have delicious coffee. Since the change over, I think I have been enjoying Colorado Coffee even more than Loveland Coffee, partly because the prices are better. I was startled when the price of my regular, an Americano with Irish cream, went down nearly a dollar.  

Colorado Coffee has homemade breakfast burritos every day ($3.51), but be careful, these big burritos are seriously addictive. They’ve also started carrying Colorado Coffee’s award winning cinnamon rolls, as well as Gib’s Bagels, and now they are experimenting with lunch options, recently a pulled pork sandwich ($3.99, including a side). This sandwich has proven very popular with the employees of First National Bank.

This is a great little coffee shop, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.   I highly recommend it.  

Heidi’s Illustrious Rating: 5/5

HeidiTown Tip: Colorado Coffee offers free wi-fi.

Visit Colorado Coffee’s Web site at www.roasters2000.com.


  1. I’m SO glad you reviewed them. I had no idea they switched over!
    I think I have a coffee punch card for every coffee shop in Loveland & Fort Collins! I must stop by soon!
    Maybe someday you can review The Black Cup (if you haven’t already). I love the owners and their locally produced coffee! They also have a heart for pet owners. Drive-in sometime!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Christine! You should definitely check out Colorado Coffee. They will be holding a grand opening on December 12 (and I will keep everyone updated about the event).

    Their newest item is soup. Perfect for a wintery Colorado Day.

    And Hector, a big table is nice, but not a requirement for me. They have big tables at the Barnes & Noble coffee store, but it’s too loud to work there. Quiet is my biggest requirement, that is second to good, quality coffee drinks!


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