Major chain now offers free wi-fi

Barnes & Noble now offers free wi-fi, and it’s about time.   Many smaller coffee shops and bookstores beat B&N to the punch, but the  world’s largest  bookseller has finally come to their senses.   Free wi-fi is now available at all their stores.

I go to the B&N at The Promenade Shops  in Loveland, and  one issue  I have with the place are the unhappy workers.  It’s service with a frown. Another problem is their coffee. It’s Starbucks. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I use to love Starbucks, but no more. So many other, smaller coffee roasters have popped up over the years, and Starbucks hasn’t kept up with the competition. At B&N I usually stick with tea.

Other  free Northern Colorado  wi-fi hot-spots I use:

The Coffee Tree, inside Anthology Book Company at 422 E. Fourth Street in Loveland, Colorado.  This locally owned coffee shop  has a loyal following and it  can be difficult to find a table for you and your laptop, but the coffee is  great (they roast it)  and service is always top notch. The best bet for finding a free table is around 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

Colorado Coffee Company, located in the First National Bank building at the corner of Eisenhower and Boyd Lake Rd. (CR9) in Loveland. This place, originally a Loveland Coffee location, is now owned by Colorado Coffee Company. It’s a small space, but sort of secret, so I can usually find a place to sit with my laptop. The coffee is  above average  and the staff makes  consistently good  drinks. I  order an americano with Irish cream and it’s always exactly the same no matter who makes it.

Daz Bog, Denver Avenue location in Loveland. I debated adding this locally owned franchise to my list. I use to go there quite often, but lately I’ve mostly avoided it.  First, their music is  usually too loud for working on my laptop and secondly, where B&N employees are rather unfriendly, Daz Bog’s employees are too chipper – sometimes I just don’t feel like discussing my day.  Lastly, their coffee isn’t  my favorite  and drinks can be inconsistent.


  1. OMIGOSH! We have PROMENADE shops here in PA, too. I think they’re popping up everywhere. Yes, I know I need to e-mail you I’ll do that now!


  2. Yes, why are those starbuck / B&N coffee girls so grouchy? Maybe they are worked like slaves for only store credit, perhaps court appointed community service or it may be possible they really wanted to work the bookstore and got stuck behind the coffee counter.


  3. I respectfully disagree with your Dazbog comment. Dazbog is my favorite coffee joint, especially since they have free wifi. In the age we live in, retail and service employees seem to have a sense of entitlement; almost as if they’re doing you a favor by coming to work. Maybe it’s just the generation that works in those industries.
    It’s a refreshing change to feel like you’re being properly cared for (rather than a burden on a retail employee), even if it’s only coffee.
    By the way, I’m only 27 and I notice the generational lack of respect.


  4. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown.
    You make a good point, however, I think the high degree of chipper-ness (I just made that word up) of the Daz Bog employees doesn’t go over well with everyone. I’m not a particularly chipper person, in fact, I dare say the word has never been used to describe me. And I am somewhat annoyed by chipper people in general. I guess it’s a personality thing, but I’d rather be greeted at the counter instead of being “hello’d” at as soon as I walk in the door. It’s just a personal thing.
    And you are right. Lack of respect does seem to be pervasive in our culture today.


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