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Last year, we realized my parents were still going to Blockbuster for their movies. I had been telling them about Netflix for years, but they just weren’t interested in trying it out. In part because it is an online subscription, and that was a little intimidating for them.

So we decided to get my parents a three-month subscription to Netflix as a Christmas present, and since we were visiting them for the holidays, we were able to help them set up their account. After they figured out how to use it, they were completely sold on the concept.

No more trips to Blockbuster for my parents, plus they can find any movie they want, even television shows and obscure documentaries.  

So if there’s a movie lover in your life who still hasn’t signed up with Netflix, you might want to give them a subscription for Christmas.

Note:   Netflix did not pay for this blog post. I am a true fan.  


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  1. Hi Heidi,

    That’s a great idea for a Christmas gift or any occasion for that matter, plus like you mentioned it’s a good way to introduce the service to people who may not otherwise even give it thought.

    I wonder just how much gas is saved on an annual basis due to online services such as Netflix.

    Thanks for the gift idea,


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