Crossed Wires

Sometimes it feels like technology is speeding along like a run away train, but then I have a conversation like this and I realize we aren’t all on board.

This morning I called a local restaurant in a small Northern Colorado town to inquire as to whether they have wireless.

Telephone Conversation:

Me:   “Do you have wireless?”

Them:   “Um… this is a restaurant.”

Me:   “Yes, I know, but do you have wireless internet?”

Them:   “We are a restaurant.”

Me:   “I know, but many restaurants now have wireless internet availability.”

Them:  “Well this isn’t a wireless phone.”  

Me:   “Okay, thanks”

I think that answered the question.


  1. I’ve sent this in to Reader’s Digest, so fingers crossed! 🙂


  2. I love it. It makes me cringe.

    Then I remember the Prime Directive and everything is OK again.


  3. Haha, thanks for the laugh. It’s funny because I just got stranded at the airport here in Lima for 24 hours and I met this woman at a Starbucks while picking up a Chai and getting Internet and she was talking about how as technology gets more prevalent, we become more and more dependent on it.

    But then I think about the stories like this and realize, no matter how fast technology progresses, there will always be those who don’t adapt for good or bad 🙂


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