Bikes & beer, good clean fun in Ft. Collins, Colorado

HeidiTown is not a calendar of events.  I simply share with you the events I find interesting and worthy of comment.  

This weekend there just so happens to be one of those events in my backyard.

Author of “Party Across America,” Michael Guerriero, describes Tour De Fat as a “rolling carnival on wheels that’s sponsored by a brewery with a conscience”¦ part costume party, part pedaling pandemonium, and 100% chaotic originality.”   He adds, “the atmosphere is that of a hip carnival or a rock “˜n’ roll circus.”

New Belgium Brewery, of Fort Collins, Colorado,  sponsors this event  that occurs throughout the summer and fall  in 13 cities across the  western United States.  On Saturday, September 4, the Tour comes home to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tour de Fat is  a parade of costumed beer drinkers on bikes followed by lots of partying.   The message is “Bikes are cool.  Throw away your car keys and ride!”   Okay I  sort of made that up, but it’s the basic message of Tour de Fat.    The festivities also  includes bands and other less traditional entertainment.

Get all the details and register for Tour de Fat by clicking here.  

Click here to join the Tour on Facebook.

Find out more about “Party Across America! 101 of the Greatest Festivals, Sporting Events, and Celebrations in the U.S,” by Michael Guerriero.

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  1. If you go, look for my nephew. His name is Si, and her rides a bike that is more than 10 feet tall—hard to miss.


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