Cavalia, be amazed

I don’t usually cover large shows like Cavalia on, but this time I’m making an exception.

This show was created and directed by one of the founders of Cirque de Soleil, and while I have enjoyed Cirque de Soleil shows, none moved me in the same way as Cavalia.

The show is a combination of acrobatics, dance, theater, horse back riding, horse whispering and magic. Cavalia is performed in a 26,300 square foot big top, the largest tent in North America. It takes 12 days to erect and 7 to dismantle. The stable, home to nearly 50 horses adds another 11,500 square feet.

The stars of Cavalia are the horses. Nine different breeds are represented and all are stallions or geldings. The human performers are equally amazing although it is the horses that steal every scene. The horses come from France and the United States. On the night I was witness this performance the company had just adopted two foals from a Colorado horse rescue.

In Cavalia the horses perform feats that will astound you. I promise that you have never seen horses behave like this before, and you’ll never see it again. In addition to being athletes, the Cavalia horses seem to have a telepathic connection with their handlers. This bond between human and horse is what has led some people to describe Cavalia as a “spiritual experience.”

I did not have a spiritual experience at Cavalia, however I was truly moved by the beauty and the bond between the horses and the performers in the show. The music, performed by a live orchestra, is also profoundly touching. Cavalia is something to behold and I highly recommend it for everyone – every age, every gender and every nationality.

Cavalia is playing in Denver, Colorado through the end of October. You do not need to be   “horse person” to enjoy this show. For tickets visit


Note from the Mayor: I was tempted to post a trailer for Cavalia, but decided against it. My tickets to this show were a surprise and I had no idea what to expect and that turned out to be the perfect way to witness this show.

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