Creepy Walk in the Woods – win tickets here!

Don't get stuck in Creepy Walk's crypt or you may end up like this guy. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer. All rights reserved.

It’s just a little walk in the woods, what could be scary about that? Thanks to Cub Scouts Pack 180, it’s going to be terrifying! You never know what might be underfoot or creeping up behind you during this Creepy Walk in the Woods, so watch your step and your back.

Creepy Walk is only in its second year, but this haunted attractions rivals the longtime pros. This year the attraction is bigger with new scenes and new screams. With live actors, life-size buildings, lots of creepy props, and the darkness of the great outdoors, Creepy Walk is sure to elicit screams from all who dare to enter the woods.

This haunted attraction is unique because during the day it’s appropriate for younger children; during the daylight a legless manikin suffering from gangrene is sleeping beauty, the crypt is the home of the three little pigs and so on and so forth. While the Grimm Fairytales play a significant part in the daytime show, remember, they are called fairytales, but the brothers Grimm wrote dark tales. As the creators of Creepy Walk say, “this isn’t Disney!”

Creepy Walk in the Woods has a cemetery, but beware, the corpses are not at rest. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer. All rights reserved.

Creepy Walk is just two miles west of Loveland off of CR23/Glade Road. Tickets are $10 for the evening walk and $3 for the daylight walk. Join the Creepy Walk on their Facebook page here.  The proceeds from this haunted attraction go to Cub Scout Pack 180 from Big Thompson Elementary.


If you leave a comment telling me that you were here, you’ll be entered to win two tickets to Creepy Walk in the Woods! The winner randomly chosen on Saturday, October 22 at noon.

Note from the Mayor: Hearts & Horses haunted house is just 8 minutes away from Creepy Walk.  Find out more about this authentic haunted house on their Facebook page here.



  1. Great photo, Mayor! This sounds like a fun time for the kiddo and I’d kind of like to try the night one to see if I’m as tough as I used to be. Considering that I almost peed my pants last week working late at the office when my hair fell down on my neck – probably not. Ah well. Throw my name in the hat again;)


    1. Your name is in the hat and I wrote it really big on the little piece of paper… maybe that will help. The fact that so far there are only 4 people entered will also help, perhaps more than my big handwriting. 😀


  2. I just saw a poster for this yesterday. I think woods can easily be as creepy as haunted houses. I’m a total wimp, but enter me in the drawing, too!


    1. I walked through it yesterday and it’s pretty amazing. It would scare me to bits and pieces, but I’m super duper wimpy when it comes to Halloween stuff! I’m sure you could do it!


  3. Not sure if the kids could go…might be too scary!


    1. it would be too scary for me at night even though I’ve already seen the entire thing in the daylight, but I’m a major Halloween wimp!


  4. And the winner is Jenny!
    I’m sending you an email to arrange for delivery. Congrats!

    To everyone else, on Monday I’m giving away 2 tickets to Hearts & Horses “real” haunted house! It’s been investigated several times by paranormal investigators, so come back and try again!


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