The Mayor reveals secrets

Burro Days, Fairplay, Colorado
A hard working racer gets some attention at Burro Days in Fairplay, Colorado. This is one of the Mayor's favorite Colorado festivals. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer, all rights reserved.

With festival season heading into full swing in just a couple weeks, I thought I’d share a few things with my readers. First, I want to remind everyone that HeidiTown is not a calendar of events. I do not, nor will I ever be able to keep track of every festival that occurs in Colorado. And quite frankly, I don’t want to.

Also, I rarely write about fundraising events. I get a lot of request to do so, but with so many going on every weekend, I’d stay busy only writing about fundraisers. If you’d like me to mention your charity benefit, I’d be happy to give it a plug on HeidiTown’s Facebook page.

HeidiTown is “stuff the Mayor likes” and I like small town festivals and unique events. I write about the things that catch my eye. Sometimes I’ve been to the event and sometimes I haven’t been to the event.

As you may already know, I share quite a few more events and festivals on Facebook than on the blog because it’s simple and fast to put a link on that page. I like to think of HeidiTown’s Facebook page as the town’s party block. If you’d like to join us, click here.

Now I’m going to reveal a few secrets. There are several ways I find out about events. First, I keep a close eye on the Denver Posts’ calendar. They have a specific section dedicated to weekend fairs and festivals. You won’t find everything listed there, but it’s the most comprehensive calendar I’ve found and includes things going on around the state.

Volkstanzgruppe Dancers at Oktoberfest in Greeley, Colorado
The Volkstanzgruppe Dancers entertained the crowd and gave free lessons at Greeley's Oktoberfest, a HeidiTown favorite. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer, all rights reserved.

Second, I follow a lot of town and city Facebook pages – pages like “¦So Many Things in Manitou Springs and the Greeley Convention & Visitors Bureau. If the town is active on social media, you can find out all kinds of these by liking these pages.

I also occasionally check out (they are also on Facebook here). Please note that this website isn’t always up to date because sometimes the towns fail to come back and update their entries. So be sure to double-check the listings here.

Lastly, I’m on a ton of media PR lists, from towns to chambers to visitor centers, so I get the most up to date news on what’s going on in communities around the state.

So there you have it, a few of the Mayor’s secrets for finding the fun, distinctive events and festivals around Colorado.

If you ever have a question for the Mayor, please give me a shout out, either by leaving a comment here on the blog, emailing me at or dropping me a line on Facebook. You can also tweet me

I hope you have lots of fun as we cartwheel into festival season!!!



  1. Or, we can just read HeidiTown and learn about upcoming festivals here! You always have a fresh “take” on things, festies, fun and frolicking in our fair cities….Thanks for keeping us posted as always Heidi! 🙂


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