June 2011

Fly Fishing RMNP

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, so I thought it was the perfect time for this giveaway. Fly-fishing is a popular Colorado pastime, and for good reason. The Colorado Rockies provide some of the most pristine rivers in the world, and some of the best are in Rocky Mountain National Park. Coloradoan Steve Schweitzer started hiking and fishing RMNP eleven years ago. He kept meticulous notes about his

Heidi at Firestone Honey Festival

Dear HeidiTown Citizens & Tourists, Find the sunscreen, bug  repellent  and slip on your flip flops because it’s time to festival! The season is in full swing starting this month, and I wish I could clone myself in order to keep up with all of it, but alas…  just please remember that HeidiTown is not a calendar of events, but rather “stuff the Mayor likes.” That being said, Facebook is