HeidiTown on the Radio – My favorite Colorado festival

burros loving at Burro Days in Fairplay Colorado
Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer, all rights reserved.

As regular readers already know, HeidiTown is a blog about festivals, events and destinations around Colorado. I’ve been writing in this specific niche for many years now, so I’m considered a sort of expert on the topic.

Last week’s show was about what makes a festival great, a question frequently posed to me,  but I am also often asked, “What’s your favorite Colorado festival?” On this week’s radio segment on KRFC 88.9 FM, I answer that burning question.

Listen to this week’s radio show by CLICKING HERE.


  1. It’s not quite a Colorado festival (25 miles north of the border) but WHAT Fest is a super down to earth festival featuring several kickass Colorado bands


  2. We need to come visit you during Burro day’s. Sounds fun!!


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