July 2012

London Olympics logo

When I was little girl I wanted to be an Olympian, and we can all see how that particular dream turned out, but I’ve always loved the Olympics. As a fan of sports, I am in awe of the athleticism, teamwork and dedication, but I also enjoy the patriotism that comes alive during the games. I know this isn’t a blog about sports, and the Olympics Games aren’t being held

Grand Adventures Balloon Tours

There are few things lovelier than watching a hot air balloon silently gliding across the horizon on an early morning in Colorado. We are lucky to have quite a few hot air balloons flying around our state, and multiplel festivals celebrating this French flying contraption. In this week’s radio segment on  KRFC 88.9 FM, I talk abut balloon festivals in Colorado and take a look at one balloon rally that

hot air balloon

As you might imagine, I go to a lot of events and festivals, and quite frankly, a lot of them look the same – beer garden, food vendors, kids’ area, 5K, pancake breakfast. This isn’t necessarily bad, especially in smaller communities, but theming a festival really makes the event stand out above the others. One such event is happening the first weekend in August in Loveland, Colorado – and this

Loveland Colorado billboard on I25

Ten years ago, if you asked a Coloradan where Loveland was they’d point to the mountains. This is because, for many years, Loveland Ski Area was better known than the city with the same name, but that has changed. The City of Loveland is working hard to make sure everyone knows that they are open for business, and last week I had the opportunity to attend the unveiling of Loveland’s

Assemble sign on the feed & grain

(Note: This event name has been changed to The Sculpture Games for 2013. It is now a 2-day event. More at www.thesculpturegames.com.) I consider myself creative and imaginative, but when it comes to art, stick figures are as good as it gets. My husband, Ryan, however, was born an artist. He used to get in trouble in school for drawing in math class, and in art class he was the

burros loving at Burro Days in Fairplay Colorado

As regular readers already know, HeidiTown is a blog about festivals, events and destinations around Colorado. I’ve been writing in this specific niche for many years now, so I’m considered a sort of expert on the topic. Last week’s show was about what makes a festival great, a question frequently posed to me,  but I am also often asked, “What’s your favorite Colorado festival?” On this week’s radio segment on

boys dancing at Biergarten Festival

The 16th Annual Biergarten Festival – July 13 & 14, 2012   Last year I was interviewed by Kama, from 99.9 FM in Fort Collins, Colorado. She asked me, “What makes a great festival?” I answered that setting is a huge part of what makes a festival special and authenticity is huge. There are three parts to creating great ambiance at an event and that’s setting, authenticity and layout. The

Tracy & Link Hairspray

Fort Collins, Colorado is a long way from Baltimore, Maryland and the race wars of the sixties, so will audiences connect with Midtown Arts Center’s current production? I believe they will because the themes of “Hairspray” are timeless, the music is catchy, and the cast is unforgettable. Midtown Arts Center, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, has a well-appointed, 236 seat dinner theater, as well as a banquet room where they