HeidiTown.com Gives Back: The Gabriel Foundation

Alex at TGF
Alex needs a home! Click on his photo to learn more about this inquisitive Yellow-Naped Amazon.

As a reminder, once a month I introduce a Colorado nonprofit to my readers, and give that nonprofit one month of free ad space on HeidiTown. I’m very excited about this month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back because I’ve known about them since I moved to Colorado in 2000.

When we lived in Littleton, there was a bird store just down the street from our apartment. We fell in love with two conures at this shop and we would stop by frequently to play with them. Conures are a small parrots that love to clown around and seem to enjoy making people laugh.

The owners of the shop told us about The Gabriel Foundation because it was an organization they worked with on a regular basis. I can’t recall the name of the bird store, but I believe they were reputable bird owners/sellers because they never even asked us to buy a bird. They simply told us all the responsibilities that came with owning one, and I realized quickly that bird ownership wasn’t for me.

Charlie african grey
Charlie, a Congo African Grey at The Gabriel Foundation. Click on his photo to go to TGF's Facebook page.

I am enamored with African Grays parrots; their intelligence amazes me. In captivity, however, this bird can live up to sixty years, and that’s a commitment I am unwilling to make. Unfortunately, many people buy parrots without considering how long the bird will live or the specific type of care and attention it needs. That’s where The Gabriel Foundation comes in.

You can read the organization’s entire purpose/mission HERE, but in a nut shell, they are a parrot welfare organization that provides for the parrots in their care and works to educate the public on parrot issues. They have a variety of programs and provide an assortment of services in the areas of adoption, boarding, conservation, long-term foster care, relinquishment, rescue/rehabilitation and sanctuary.

The gabriel foundation logoBy highlighting The Gabriel Foundation this month, I hope to help them in their goal of educating the public about parrots. The intelligence of these birds is truly unique in the animal kingdom. They really are smarter than the average bear, or fish, or deer, or cat. However, smart animals require additional stimulus or they go a little crazy. I’m familiar with this phenomenon because I own one of the smartest dog breeds – a German Shepherd. She used to get bored and cause trouble in puppy class because she’d learn the command the first time and got tired of going over and over the same thing.

The organization’s website, TheGabrielFoundation.org, is currently undergoing a major facelift and will be unveiled at the end of October. In the meantime, The Gabriel Foundation is very active on Facebook and they are always posting cute photos and funny videos. Please go and LIKE their page now.

The Gabriel Foundation has two Colorado locations, and tours can be arranged.

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