HeidiTown.com Gives Back Campaign

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HeidiTown Gives Back took a hiatus for a few months, but it’s back. I started the HeidiTown Gives Campaign in 2012, because I wanted to use the HeidiTown platform to help organizations that help Coloradans. The nonprofit I’m highlighting this month is a service that exists to help folks in their most desperate time of need. No one ever wants to believes that they will need an organization like Disabled

Hops & Harley, a fundraiser for National Mill Dog Rescue, #NOPuppyMills

This is the third time that National Mill Dog Rescue has been a recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back  and that’s because every July there’s an NMDR fundraiser held in Berthoud, Colorado that I help out with. Therefore, I choose to give NMDR the July “Gives Back” ad space so that I can also give some love to Hops & Harley. As a NMDR benefit, 100% of the proceeds of Hops

Second Chance Humane Society logo

This month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back is Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway, Colorado, just next door to Ouray. In fact, Second Chance not only serves Ouray and Ridgway, but the tri-county area of Ouray County, San Miguel County and Montrose County. I started the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign in January 2012. Each month, a Colorado nonprofit of my choosing gets a free ad space here on HeidiTown.com and

HeidiTown Gives Back: Hearts & Horses, changing lives

This month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back is near and dear to my heart. Many years ago, when I was a fairly new freelance writer, I had the opportunity to write about this Loveland-based nonprofit and I have been a fan ever since. I believe in the healing power of animals, and so does Hearts & Horses. This therapeutic riding center, established in 1997, has grown over the years and

Pit bull puppy from Coloradogs on Facebook

Before I introduce you to this month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back, I want tell you a story. When I was a little girl we lived in a rural area of southern Oregon. Our house and our neighbor’s house were the only homes on a quiet, dead end street. My little brother and I spent our days exploring the nearby sand dunes (probably a sand pit) and playing in our

Ruff Start Rescue & Training at Berthoud Day in Berthoud, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

As a reminder, each month I give away a free ad space (and this blog post) to a deserving Colorado charity. Occasionally I skip a month. In part, because sometimes a charity doesn’t respond to my inquiry about becoming a recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back. Check your email, folks! Ruff Start Rescue & Training did get back to me and so they are this September’s recipient of the HeidiTown Gives

HeidiTown Gives Back: People with Compassion for Pets

This July, the recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign (free ad space and blog post) is People with Compassion for Pets, my giving circle. Giving circles are groups of individuals who pool their funds in order to give a larger amount to a charity. As part of Change Gangs, our group is rather unique. Here’s how it works. Each month we each donate $25. It’s automatically deducted from my

National Mill Dog Rescue Logo

For the first time ever, the recipient of this month’s HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign has been previously featured. I don’t make a habit of featuring charities twice, but National Mill Dog Rescue has touched my heart and I have become involved in helping with a NMDR fundraiser that is slated for later this month. For those of you who may be new to this little town, HeidiTown Gives Back is

Realities for Children Logo

Into every life, a little rain must fall, but children shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the storm and that’s where Realities for Children comes in. The Fort Collins based, Realities for Children is the May recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign. The mission of RFC is  to provide for the unmet needs of children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk by uniting local businesses, youth

HeidiTown Gives Back: Pets Forever

In my work as a freelance writer I occasionally get the opportunity to learn about various nonprofits around Colorado, and in fact, that’s how I discover many of the charities that end up as the recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back. This is what happened with Pets Forever. While working on an article about the positive emotional and physical impacts pets can have on our lives, I met Dr. Lori Kogan,