Top 5 Gifts Made in Colorado

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I always put out a top 5 list of some sort, and this year I decided to share with you my picks for the top 5 made in Colorado gifts for 2012. The prerequisite for making my list was that the product made by each company had to be manufactured IN Colorado.

This list is in no particular order.

mou co cheese co

Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer, all rights reserved.

1. MouCo Cheese Co. I’ve had the pleasure of touring MouCo and writing about them for several other publications over the years. They just so happen to make my favorite cheese of all-time, Truffello, which is saying a lot because I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. Their website describes Truffello as a “mystical soft cheese to be savored and shared with reck-licious ease.” MouCo sells their cheese all over the world, but it’s all made in their small factory in Fort Collins, Colorado with milk from local cows.


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2. OZ Snowboards. I don’t ride, but if I did I’d ride an OZ board. I ran into these guys on Facebook and fell in love with their concept and the beauty of their boards. They make these works of art in Evergreen, Colorado.


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milk & honey handmade soap from Moonflower Essentials

Milk & honey handmade soap from Moonflower Essentials. Photo from

3. Moonflower Essentials. This small company is located in Denver, and they make my favorite lotion, Forest Muse. I’ve known owner, Barb Donnelly, for a number of years, and she’s a creative lady with a talent for making body products that truly impress. Moonflower Essentials has a Holiday Open House planned for Sunday, December 9. Learn more here.


4. This company was brought to my attention by a HeidiTown citizen and I couldn’t resist putting them on this list. I don’t know exactly how to explain what it is they make, but my Facebook tipster put it like this: Geekery + yarn = win. Every yarn creation is made by hand in Denver, but if you want something by this Christmas you’d better get your order in real soon, because according to their Facebook page, orders are stacking up and they only have so many hands to do the knitting!


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Nova Monda Chocolates

Nova Monda Cacao & Chocolates. Photo from Nova Monda on Facebook.

5. Nova Monda Cacao & Chocolate. I have not had the pleasure of trying this chocolate yet, but it made my list because it’s made in Lafayette, Colorado and it was highly recommended to me by two people; the Chef at the Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and a trustworthy friend with good taste.


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This could have easily been a top 50 list, as there are many wonderful Colorado companies and craftsmen I would have enjoyed highlighting in this piece. If you have a favorite please feel free to share it in the comment section.

Please Note: A lot of Facebook friends helped me with this list by sharing their favorite Colorado companies and I’ve compiled a list of all their suggestions in a NOTE on the HeidiTown Facebook page. Click HERE to see it!


I encourage you to shop local this year, as much as possible. Spending your hard earned money at a small Colorado-owned business will ensure that all boats rise.  

10 Responses to Top 5 Gifts Made in Colorado

  • One of my favorite things is Kona-coffee infused California Flame Raisins – Java Raiz – made here in Fort Collins, Colorado! 🙂

  • Cherry Lime Boutique is my favorite local spot. This store is a wonderful craft consignment store here in Loveland, CO. It features the work of local artisans and has everything you could want from handmade jewelry, soaps, candles, clothing to refinished furniture and more. The owners have done a great job and work very hard at promoting LOCAL items.

  • Colorado Wines & Meads/Honey Wines!!
    Our Hunters Moon Meadery Meads are available @ RJ’s Wine & Spirits in FoCo, Bittersweet Liquor in Greeley and Snowy Peaks Winery in Estes Park, who also make some nice grape wines! Carlson Vineyards in Palisades is another favorite!
    end of Shameless Plug.

    • As small business owners, Kim, we have to be willing to toot our own horn!!! I love Hunters Moon Meadery, especially your Lunar Lemon, but the Clove makes an excellent Christmas party hostess gift, as we have actually given it to hosts in the past! Thanks for sharing about your business.

      Also, I’d like to add that as a bee lover, I LOVE that your mead is made from honey from your own bees!!! That makes it extra special.

  • Hunters Moon Meads also available by coming to our tiny Meadery in Severance, by appointment only, check our website or Facebook page for phone#

  • Art! When in Denver, stop at Zip 37 Gallery’s Back Room Gallery. 16 regionally recognized artists showing a wide variety of styles from $3- $500. Most under $100. Just blocks from Lola, Linger, Rootdown and other popular new restaurants, too. A #FirstFriday must!

    And yes, i’m tooting my own horn. I’m one of the artists on display.

  • I’d also add some of our local beers, one of the specials from O’Dell, New Belgium, or something from Twisted Pines Distillery in Loveland. Liquor is the gift that you can get the guy/girl who has everything.

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