Travel Tip ““ get some exercise, #TravelTuesday

This #TravelTuesday travel tip is a new idea for us, but we’re going to try to implement it on every trip we take this summer. I know some of you travel in order to run a marathon or cycle in a race, but that’s not us.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always the healthiest people when we travel, and I don’t think we’re alone. After all, traveling usually involves a lot of eating out, and for us, it often means a beer, wine or spirits festival. We’re either standing around drinking and eating, or sitting around in a car.

Lake Dillon, Frisco, Colorado. May 2014
Lake Dillon, Frisco, Colorado. May 2014

We realized that we often return from a trip feeling lethargic, so we decided to add a bit of exercise into our travel routine and we initiated the plan this past weekend. I was scheduled to cover the Breckenridge Wine Extravaganza at Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We headed out early in order to hit a trail along the way. There’s still a lot of snow around Breckenridge, so we opted for a hike at Lake Dillon. Nothing too strenuous, but it got us out of the car and got our blood pumping.

After a little more than an hour of exploring the shoreline and stalking a herd of deer through the wet wooded area around the Blue River arm of the lake, we drove the short distance to our hotel feeling rather accomplished. We’d managed to sweat a bit, and the smell of pine trees prompted us to save a summer weekend for camping this year.

We spent the rest of the afternoon soaking in the pool at Beaver Run Resort and drinking delicious Colorado wine at the festival without too much guilt.

Heidi & Ryan soaking at the pool at Beaver Run Resort during the Breckenridge Wine Extravaganza.

There are simple ways to add a little exercise into your vacation plan. If you aren’t a hiking type of person, why not walk from your resort to town instead of utilizing the shuttle? Take the stairs at the hotel instead of the elevator. If you are traveling through an airport skip the people mover and use your own two legs. Walking through the long terminals of Denver International Airport whilst carrying a heavy bag has to count as a workout.

Walking thirty minutes at just 2 miles per hour can burn up to 100 calories, plus it will get your blood circulating and make you feel more awake and more alive.

Now shall I walk or shall I ride?

Ride, Pleasure said;

Walk, Joy replied.


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