Feature Festival: 3rd Annual Tree For All, Loveland, Colorado

There’s nothing more cheerful than a Christmas tree and no better way to ring in the holidays than by putting up the tree, but Christmas is about so much more than decorations and presents – it’s a time to reflect on our blessings and to assist those who may need a helping hand. Tree for All is one of three fundraisers held annually by the Foothills Service League to benefit

Vegas tips & tricks & observations

I rarely write about travel outside of Colorado, but even the Mayor leaves the state occasionally, but when I go on vacation, I will likely write about it. My husband decided that he wanted to spend his birthday in the sports book in Las Vegas, so after a five-year Vegas hiatus, we booked a trip. Here are some of my Vegas tips, tricks and observations. Please feel free to leave

Ouray Hot Springs Pool, photo by Haji Mahmood

Hot springs dot the southeast portion of our state, providing serenity and play time across this breathtakingly beautiful region of Colorado. This is the story of two hot spring destinations that are located just 10 minutes apart, but couldn’t be more different. We have visited a good portion of Colorado’s hot springs over the years and each has its own ambiance, but there’s no two springs more dissimilar than these

tractors on Keith Bath Farms in the small town of Fort Morgan, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

This article was inspired by a comment someone left when I was promoting my post about Kevin Torres’ “Storytellers: Small Towns” special on 9News. A reader wrote… “Small towns are where you can still find America.” This comment got me thinking. What does that mean exactly? And do I agree? The more I thought about it, the more it struck a chord and I think the chord was especially loud

fall 2014 in Colorado. HeidiTown.com

I have lived in Colorado for more than 14 years and I cannot recall a fall as beautiful as this one. I decided that it needed documented and so I’m dedicating this blog post to Colorado Fall 2014. After setting a record for number of likes on a photo I posted on HeidiTown’s Facebook page – the photo below is creeping up on 100 likes – I decided to do

9News Kevin Torres banner

When 9News journalist Kevin Torres emailed to ask if I’d like to write a preview of his “Storytellers” special, I jumped at the chance. After all, Torres, is one of my favorite Colorado journalists because we have a love of Colorado’s small towns in common. It is the five time Emmy-award winning journalist’s focus on Colorado’s small towns that brought him to my attention several years ago. The “Storytellers” segments

Featured Festival: Fall Back Beer Fest, Estes Park

Think the beer festival season is over? Think again. Beer festivals have become a year round tradition here in Colorado and there’s a great one just around the corner. When I preview a beer event, I try to find something unique about the festival. After all, beer events are, on the whole, quite similar. You go, you taste beer, you chat up the brewers and taste more beer and that’s

Hotel de Paris, Georgetown, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

We stumbled into the Hotel de Paris while on a trip to Georgetown for my birthday five years ago. As readers know, I’m a fan of museums and we try to patronize as many as possible in our travels around Colorado. An hour and a half later, Hotel de Paris was my favorite museum in Colorado. Our docent had brought the place alive for me (evidence that a good museum

Last of the wildflowers on Imogene Pass in September 2013. Alpine Scenic Tours, Ouray, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

With snow falling in the high country, the scenic tours season will quickly be coming to an end, so I’m going to write another blog post about our adventure with Alpine Scenic Tours in Ouray early next spring as this company will be part of the HeidiTown Festival package in May. However, I do want to share a little about our experience on this trip as well as some of

Dean Russel Thompson artist Loveland Art Studio Tour

Loveland has been a Mecca for art and artists since the 1970s, and while sculpture has been the traditional medium of choice in the town, a shift towards other art mediums has occurred over the last several years. This isn’t to say that Loveland’s sculpture community is going way – that practice has deep, strong roots, but today, Loveland is a place where many different sorts of artists to hone