The best burger I ever ate in Colorado

The burger at the buck snort. The best burger I ever ate in Colorado.
The Forest Fire at The Bucksnort Saloon in Pine, Colorado.

The best burger I ever ate was at The Bucksnort Saloon in Pine, Colorado. I always get the Forest Fire, a buck burger with a thick smear of cream cheese and piled high with jalapenos. It’s the perfect amount of juicy and creamy with just a bit of heat. It pairs nicely with a light lager.

You go here for a burger, but The Bucksnort is a legendary Colorado saloon. The historic building oozes mountain charm.  The floor is a little slanted, so that you feel as though you’ve had one-too-many even if you haven’t had any. Literally perched above Elk Creek, if the place was ever quiet enough, which it isn’t, you could probably hear the sounds of splashing water over well-worn river rocks.

The Bucksnort Saloon is located off of Hwy 285 between Denver and Fairplay. Visit their website for directions at

There are two runners up for the “best burger I ever ate in Colorado,” and most recently a burger I devoured in Telluride gets second place.  

The 7X Ground Colorado Wagyu Burger at Palmyra at The Peaks Resort & Spa is one of the best burgers I have ever wrapped my lips around. This perfectly cooked burger is served with white cheddar cheese, pork belly, jam, red onion, arugula and a fried egg. At $26, this isn’t a cheap burger, but it’s totally worth it.

I ate half and then ate the second half as a late night snack. Even reheated in the microwave, this burger melted in my mouth.

When we first moved to Denver, more than 14 years ago, a friend took us to a place he called “his brother’s bar.”  I really thought that this was his brother’s bar, until I realized that the name of the place was My Brother’s Bar, and then I felt pretty silly.

My Brother’s Bar is one of Denver’s oldest bars, but you don’t go here for a history lesson. You go for a burger and a beer. Served in a basket, this isn’t a fancy burger, but it’s delicious. I’ve been to My Brother’s Bar a number of times over the years and I always get the burger with cream cheese and jalapenos, obviously I tend to stick to my traditions.

There’s no sign at My Brothers Bar, but it’s located on the corner of 15th Street and Platte Street and you shouldn’t have trouble finding it.

Do you have a favorite Colorado burger? Please tell me about it in the comment section!

Addendum: Last night, 4/5, we ate at Boulder’s newest hot spot, Blackbelly Market. My husband, Ryan, had their burger. He said is was the best he’d eaten in recent memory and that the bacon was the best he’d ever had on a burger – three cheers for Blackbelly!


  1. When someone asks me about a yummy burger, my mind always goes to Stuft in Windsor. I love the interaction with building the burger to your own exact specifications, and it’s so fun to experiment with and tweak your combinations of ingredients every time you go in. There’s one in Ft. Collins as well, but for some reason, I always seem to enjoy the Windsor location much more.


    1. I have only had a beer at the Stuft in Fort Collins. Didn’t even know that there was a Windsor location. Guess we’re going to have to try their burgers now!


  2. Cricket Burgers do it for me … classic fare – though I always wait for warm weather because the patio scene rocks.


    1. We’re going to have to go to the Cricket the next time we’re in Denver. I’ve got a craving now!


  3. The best burgers in our area are definitely found at Crave! They have three locations – Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs. I adore the Love Stinks – you can’t go wrong with garlic cream cheese on a burger!


    1. Hi Jodi,
      I have never heard of Crave! Probably because they are all located in areas I do not travel very often. Seems like it’s woth a trip south. 🙂


  4. Cherry Cricket is where we used to go in Denver. Anyway you want it – they’ll do it. Awesome fries too!


    1. I had completely forgotten about the Cherry Cricket until folks started mentioning it on the discussion Facebook. I’ll admit, I’ve never had a bad burger at the Cricket.


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