So You Think You Know Cheyenne, Wyoming? Think Again

What comes to mind when you think of Cheyenne, Wyoming? Cowboy hats and big trucks? Trains? Those are all accurate descriptions of Cheyenne. It’s a historic train town with a lot of cowboys, cowgirls and big trucks. Today, however, Cheyenne is so much more.

So you think you know cheyenne, think again. Wrangler building. HeidiTown

We spent a weekend in Cheyenne earlier this month. We were there to attend the Celtic Festival and Rock the Block, as well as explore a town that we’d only ever passed through.

I’m going to write several posts about this trip, including some of the fun touristy things you can do here like the trolley tour, botanic garden and museums, but in this post, I want to concentrate on some of the surprising things we discovered in Cheyenne.

First of all, did you know that there are three breweries in Cheyenne, Wyoming? True story.

So you think you know cheyenne think again. taps at accomplice beer co.

We visited two of the three, stopping first at Accomplice Beer Company where guests pour their own beer. Yes, you read that right. Accomplice has self-pour taps, and they have a lot of them. After a brief explanation of how it works from the bartender, we were off. They use an electronic card system to track how much you pour, so you can’t drink here all day long.

So you think you know cheyenne Accomplice Beer Co.

We also got lunch at this brewpub, sliders for Ryan and chicken tenders for me. The tenders were some of the best I’ve had, although the ranch dressing could be a bit thicker. While it’s a bit gimmicky, Accomplice is centrally located in the famous depot building and a must-visit when in Cheyenne.

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Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. is just a couple blocks from Cheyenne’s downtown plaza. They have a traditional taproom with a nice contemporary feel and really good beer. We’ll definitely be back to Freedom’s Edge on our next visit to Cheyenne.

So you think you know Cheyenne think again. Freedom's Edge Brewing.

We didn’t make it to Danielmark’s Brewing Co. on E. 18th Street, but this is Cheyenne’s newest brewery and is located in a renovated historic home. They have an outdoor patio and feature food trucks.

And speaking of food trucks, there’s a delightful pizza place in Cheyenne that got its start as a food truck. Bella Fuoco Wood Fire Pizza gets top marks from both Ryan and I, and we recommend the jalapeno popper and the NY Blue. Just thinking about these pizzas makes my mouth water.

So you think you know Cheyenne Think Again. Bella Fuoco Wood Fire Pizza.

Everyone knows about the Wrangler (Boot Barn) in Cheyenne, and I did purchase a hat there while I was in town, but we found a real gem of a shop next to Freedom’s Edge Brewery.

So you think you know cheyenne think again. Mid Mod Etc. sign.

Mid Mod Etc. is a terrific store that’s worth the drive if you love mid-modern clothing, furniture, decor and even cars. You can track their inventory by following their Facebook page. And here’s the best part, their prices beat anything you’ll find at the mid-modern stores in Denver.

So you think you know Cheyenne Think Again. Ryan sporting his Mid Mod, Etc. shirt in Cortez, Colorado.
Ryan sporting the vintage shirt he bought at Mid Mod, Etc. on our recent trip to Cortez, Colorado.

Ryan was excited to find not one but two stores selling vinyl in Cheyenne. There’s Ernie November and Phoenix Books & Music.

In addition, Ryan was overjoyed to discover that Cheyenne has an arcade bar. Located in downtown, Flippers Family Arcade is good for families, but also fun for adults because not only do they have a large selection of arcade games and pinball, they have a bar serving beer and wine. It’s a great place to kill an hour or two.

So you think you know Cheyenne Think again. Flippers Arcade & Bar.

As some of you know, I’m a coffee snob, so I was delighted to find Paramount Cafe in Cheyenne. This trendy coffee shop under The Second Floor, a coworking space, serves up a quality cup of Joe.

So you think you know Cheyenne Think Again. street scene.

So there you have it — did you know Cheyenne was so hip and happening? I didn’t. Keep an eye on for more posts about where we stayed and what we did in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Thank you to Visit Cheyenne for hosting us on this trip.



  1. Yep..knew this. But there’s so much more to Cheyenne than this. History is interesting also. Ypu need to go back during Cheyenne Frontier Days. That’s HUGE here. I knew cause I was born and raised here. Very nice review of Cheyenne, WY.


    1. Hi Sanda, Thanks so much for stopping in HeidiTown this week! And you are right, Cheyenne’s history is fascinating. We took the trolley tour (an activity that I will write about in a future Cheyenne post), and I highly recommend that outing. It’s been many years since we’ve done Frontier Days and may go back this summer. Cheers!


  2. Might want to check out the botanical garden located in Lion’s Park. Not as big or glamorous as in Denver but nice never the less. They also have a fabulous women’s clothing store called Just Dandy. With any luck you will run into James Earl Jones and his wife like I did.


    1. We DID go to the Botanic Gardens and it will appear in a future write-up here about Cheyenne. You are correct, it’s pretty great for a small town and will be even better when they complete the new arboretum. It looks AMAZING.

      Thank you for stopping by town, Diana!


  3. You found some gems, for sure. I’d add the DeSelms Art Gallery, the Wyoming State Museum, the Chop House, and the Cheyenne Winter Market that happens the first Saturday of each month from November until May at the Depot. For Frontier Days, besides the rodeo, we also enjoy the pancake breakfasts, the gunfights, and any of the three parades. The Botanical Garden and the Children’s Village are also sweet places to spend an afternoon with the kids.


    1. It’s been years since we’ve done Frontier Days. We may try to tackle it this summer.

      Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown, Franklin!


  4. Next time through come check out The Historic Atlas Theatre! Tours are available by appointment, or if come during CFD, take in a performance of The Old Fashioned Melodrama. This is our 61st year! Glad you had a good time!


    1. That sounds great, Rory. I did see the Historic Atlas from the outside and I would LOVE a tour. Next time.

      Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown!


  5. In your future columns don’t forget to include the Terry Bison Ranch. The Senator’s Steakhouse, located on the property, boasts some terrific history and the best bison steaks (of course) you can hope to find; there’s also a train ride through the bison herd with stops to feed and photograph them, and for the little ones there are various animals (camels, llamas, goats, etc.) roaming around loose or in nearby pens.


    1. Thanks, Peter! I will be writing about TBR. We had a grand time there. It’s quite the roadside attraction, and what I love the most about it is that it’s a real working ranch.

      Thank you for stopping by HeidiTown.


  6. don’t forget to tell the people about the wind. Oh, the wind.


    1. ha! We were lucky that the wind wasn’t too bad while we were in town. Of course, we live in a rather windy part of Colorado, so maybe we’re immune.

      Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown, Bill!


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