NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado

We love Glenwood Springs. It’s the town we’ve visited the most due to the fact that we started frequenting Glenwood long before I started HeidiTown.

NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado. HeidiTown (5)
Glenwood Hot Springs Resort includes a spa and gym.

Ryan, who was raised in Colorado, spent several childhood vacations at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, and it’s a tradition for many Coloradan families. We’ve soaked at the hots springs pool many times and we even attended the 125th year anniversary of the pool in 2013.

Fast forward to today, and lucky us, we visited on the first weekend the Shoshone Chutes Adventure River opened at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

The hot springs pool and Glenwood, in general, have undergone a lot of construction over the last several years. The result of which is truly fantastic for fans of the town. If you haven’t been in a while, there is now a pedestrian bridge that spans the Colorado River.

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In addition, the miniature golf course across from Hotel Colorado and above the hot springs pool is now gone. In its place is an extension of the hot springs pool called the Sopris Splash Zone. This area, which is included with your price of admission, includes the Shoshone Chutes and Hanging Lake, a wade-in waterfall-fed pool for kiddos.

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A splash pad is complete but the Grand Fountain is still under construction and will be completed any day. At night, the fountain will create a beautiful light show, spraying 17 feet of illuminated water into the air.

We watched the line for Shoshone Chutes from the pool and jumped in when it was at its shortest. A father and daughter of about six stood in front of us. She had obviously been down the Chutes previously and was eagerly anticipating another run. She bounced up and down continuously as we made our way up the stairway, tubes in hand.

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You can ascend the Chutes in a one-person or two-person tube, making this an ideal water feature for parents with younger children.

I thought this would be an activity for kids, but I was so wrong. First of all, the Shoshone Chutes takes longer to float than I thought. I wound my way down for quite some time, first going backward, then forward, then backward again. Second of all, Shoshone Chutes is a lot of fun and you don’t have to take my word for it.

NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado. HeidiTown (2)

We watched two adult brothers take ride after ride down the Chutes proving that age is but a number and everyone enjoys a river ride.

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I found out that more changes are in store at the hot springs pool but I can’t reveal them here. Let’s just say that I KNOW that I will love them. All will be revealed by the resort at the end of the month. Stayed tuned to their Facebook page here.

NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado. HeidiTown (1)
Amtrak at the station across from Hotel Denver. This photo was taken from the footbridge.

If you haven’t visited Glenwood Springs in a while, it’s time to go.

Thank you to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort for hosting our visit to the pool and thank you to Hotel Denver for hosting our stay.

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