Happy 14 Years to HeidiTown

So, it looks like I forgot the HeidiTown anniversary last year. It’s not surprising. I think many of us are trying to forget 2020 altogether. Like a hotel without a floor 13 listed in the elevator, we’re just going straight to 14.

Happy 14-Years HeidiTown
Square Peg Brewerks in Alamosa, Colorado, 2020 (A Road Trip in Southern Colorado)

In many ways, it’s hard to believe I have been on this journey for 14 years. I started this little town just months after Twitter and Facebook went live. HeidiTown was around before anyone had heard the phrase “social media influencer.” It is a title that I do not enjoy.

The reality is that I started HeidiTown without really knowing what blogs were. However, as a writer at a small newspaper in Northern Colorado, everyone kept telling me that I had to have a blog so I made one. 

The blog grew alongside my career as a freelance writer. Both blossomed and flourished. It’s really been a super fun ride, most of the time. The ironic thing is that 2020 was set to be my best financial year as a self-employed writer. Alas, it was one of the worst.

Happy 14-Years HeidiTown (2)
Pueblo, Colorado, 2020 (A Southern Colorado Road Trip)

However, with all the heartache, things continued to move forward albeit slowly. I did a road trip through Southern Colorado that was sponsored by Visit Colorado. After a long hiatus from travel, I spent three lovely days in Grand Junction this spring reacquainting myself with the area and a dear friend. I even traveled to North Platte, Nebraska, where I got to see prairie chickens dance.

A highlight of year 14, was being a judge for the lamb event at Taste of Vail. I’ve named The American Lamb Tasting as my favorite event at Taste of Vail, so despite it being smaller than in years past due to lack of staffing at restaurants, I was elated to help judge the amazing dishes that were created. 

Happy 14-Years HeidiTown (3)
Lamb Thai Curry, Bistro Fourteen/Eagle Nest, Taste of Vail, 2021 (Vail, Colorado, in Autumn)

This summer, I created TacosandPho.com. I started the blog because I thought the name was terrific, I had time on my hands, and I wanted to write about something. It’s mainly an excuse to eat tacos and pho. I visit and write about restaurants and food trucks in Northern Colorado, although sometimes I travel farther like Brighton or Denver.

Benny's Tacos Berthoud TacosandPho Kerr-Schlaefer
Benny’s Tacos, Berthoud, Colorado, TacosandPho.com

I’m at a bit of a standstill right now, and I honestly don’t know what is in store for year 15. However, I am forever grateful to those who’ve gone along on this ride with me. The people who tweet with HeidiTown, Facebook with HeidiTown or read the blog, and the friends who have been staunch supporters since the beginning. The town does not exist without those people.  

Thank you for being part of Heidi for 14 years!


  1. BRAVO Mayor!! 14th floor please. 🙂


  2. Getting on board late as only a follower for the last three years, your blog has been a delight the enjoy. I enjoyed 13 wonderful years in Paonia and know many of the wonders of Colorado; your writings continue to feed my love of the state. My vote is cast for a number 14! Your #1 Fan in San Antonio Texas.


    1. Thank you so much, Richard. I sincerely appreciate it, especially coming from San Antonio via Paonia!

      “Late but in Earnest” is the Kerr Motto and I am living up to it today. I just found a bunch of comments I didn’t respond to, so I apologize.


  3. Congratulations, Heidi! You should be very proud of all that you’ve accomplished these many years. I for one, really appreciate that I can hit your blog up before a trip to Colorado and find what/where I need to know/go. Wherever your adventures take you, your perspective will be perfect. xo


    1. I don’t think I was alerted to about four months of comments. This was one. XO to you to Suz. I miss you!


  4. I have a great granddaughter named Heidi. She’s been looking for a town in the U.S. named Heidi. I tried to help her and found your blog. Is there a particular town in Colorado that might be called by you or some others as THE Heidi town?


    1. This is such a late reply and for that I apologize. For some reason, I wasn’t receiving alerts to blog comments.

      In Colorado, there’s Ouray, which is nicknamed Little Switzerland of America. It immediately comes to mind when thinking of Colorado “Heidi” towns!!!

      But we have so many great little mountain towns. I think authenticity is key and it’s harder and harder to find here. But you’ll still find it in Leadville and Grand Lake. I’ve even found it in Winter Park, a purpose-built ski town. It may be harder to find, but it’s there.

      Thank you for visiting this little town!


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