Dreaming of a White Christmas & Live Theater

I have not been in the Christmas spirit. It’s hard to be cheery about the holidays when it is 62 degrees outside. However, when I got the chance to go to “White Christmas” at BTD Stage in Boulder, I jumped at it.

White Christmas . BDT Stage . Glenn Ross-98
Photo courtesy BDT Stage, by Glenn Ross.

Not only do I love the story and thought it would help me get in a Christmassy mood, but I also can’t remember the last time I saw live theater. I bet it’s been a long time for you too!

I usually get a steady stream of holiday-related event press releases flooding into my email in November, but alas, not last year. In the middle of a pandemic, most holiday events, including live theater, were canceled. Beyond sad, I had a painful disbelief in what was happening, or rather, not happening around me. 

I have always had a special place in my heart for live theater. I grew up watching local productions and then when I started dating Ryan, we went to “Death of a Salesman” by the small theater company in Friday Harbor, Washington. That production hooked me for life. 

I couldn’t believe that such a tiny town boasted such talent. As it turns out, talent is everywhere, if you know where to look.

This past year, those people who can sing and dance and memorize lines were silenced. But they are silent no more, and you should go and see them perform. After all, their singing, dancing, and reciting of lines depend on theatergoers. 

I adore the songs in “White Christmas.” Other than the entire songlist from Broadway’s “Chicago,” “Sisters” is my most beloved song appearing in a musical. It’s sweet, kinda silly, and fantastic to watch performed. It’s everything great live theater should be.

Rae Leigh Case (Judy), Matthew Daily (Phil), Mickayla Marso-Donough (Betty), and Bob Hoppe (Bob) shine as the leading cast members. Bob Hoppe stole my heart when he was in the BDT Stage’s 2010 production of “Singing in the Rain.” I also loved him in “Spamalot” and everything else I have seen him in.

Courtesy of BDT Stage, photo by Glenn Ross. Bob Hoppe in “Spamalot.”

Case and Marso-Donough are outstanding as the Haynes sisters. Case’s dance skills are simply stunning and Marso-Donough singing is divine. Those two gave me warm fuzzies, and Daily is charming as the unpredictable Phil Davis.

The fact is, BDT Stage productions put a smile on my face, and we all need to smile.  

Make a point to catch live theater this winter season. Whether it’s an outing to BDT Stage or a play at your local community center, you’ll be amazed by the talent on display. 

Also, remember that live theater tickets make excellent presents. 

Thank you to BDT Stage for tickets to “White Christmas.”

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