Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go

Fun fact. I was married in Golden. It’s true. We said our “I dos” at Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado. So, yes, this hip little town that’s under 30 minutes from Denver, will always hold a special place in my heart.

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (16)

That being said, I haven’t been there for several years, and there are a couple of new, fun destinations to share with you. Plus, a new doughnut shop and a dog-friendly tea shop that’s been in town for three years. Golden’s dog-friendliness is part of the reason I was in town. 

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We’d spent the night at The Eddy Taproom & Hotel, new in town as of this summer. It’s super dog friendly and there’s even a dog park right out the front door. Despite this town’s obsession with the furry-kind, I’d never taken a dog on a trip there. This time, Fritzi got to go.

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (15)
Hiking above Golden. Are you coming mom?
Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (1)
This extensive trail system can be accessed directly from The Eddy. You can see the hotel in this photo!

Now, it was day two and we were on foot, exploring downtown Golden. Leaving Fritzi in the truck, we grabbed a cup of coffee at the Generous Coffee Shop. The shop is located inside the Tributary Food Hall, which is very new. Patrons order at the specific counter with the food they want and then eat in a sort of general dining room area or outside.

The hall is cozy and has everything from coffee to a bloody Mary and crepes to barbecue. We saw a table of college kids having lunch and people on coffee dates. A beautiful Friday, many people sat at picnic tables in the large outdoor seating area.

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Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery

We got Fritzi and walked around downtown in the bright sunlight. It was busy and only once did Fritzi lean towards a table of people eating at Woody’s Pizza. I can’t blame her, it smelled divine.

We made our way to Back Alley Donuts for a sugary pick-me-up and then I saw a tea shop, the Old Barrel Tea Company. Dogs are welcome here and Fritzi was quite enthusiastic to go inside. She even got a biscuit from the front desk. Golden might be her favorite town, but like me, she hates to play favorites.

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Old Barrel Tea Company

I bought a tin of tea before buzzing through the building which features the tea shop, a miniature, rather fancy grocers, and a wine shop. Everything necessary for a delicious meal in the evening and a cup of hot tea in the morning.

After strolling downtown, we made our way on foot to the Golden Mill, which is a two-story food and drink hall with a rooftop patio on Clear Creek. It’s about good beer, good food and good friends, which sort of sums up Golden.

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The Golden Mill

We saw lots of groups gathered around the wooden tables outside, chatting over pints of beer. At the Golden Mill, a patron gets a card linked to their credit card from the “gift store” and that is what is used around the facility. 

They have a You Pour Own beer system. If you haven’t seen this before, there is a wall of taps with the names of beers on the screen above (this wall also has wine and cocktails). Thankfully, there is a staff person to help you pour as it takes a little learning in order not to fill a glass with foam. You’ll pay per ounce poured.

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Beers in hand, we drank them outside with Fritzi, but we wanted to check out the rooftop patio, and she couldn’t come, so back to the truck she went. After a busy morning that involved another trip to the dog park near The Eddy and a hike, she was ready for a nap.

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The Golden Mill is home to Asian food, Mexican food, New Zealand ice cream, chicken sandwiches and barbecue. Tacos are just $3 and I ordered an al pastor and birria while Ryan got the Sonoran dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in jalapenos. 

South Table Mesa can clearly be seen from the Golden Mill’s rooftop, as can the famous Coors facility and downtown Golden. Despite an erratic brisk wind, it was sunny, as Colorado tends to be in November, making this the perfect spot for lunch.

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (5)

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (6)

Before leaving Golden, we stopped at the Foothills Art Center to browse the Holiday Art Market. I am super glad we did. It’s an amazing way to support local artists. There are unique ornaments, paintings, photography, lots of cards, jewelry, scarfs, journals and more.

We left a little poorer but with four people checked off our Christmas list. The market runs through December 29, and I encourage you to check it out. More information at

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (9)

Golden, Colorado is Calling & You Must Go. HeidiTown (10)

Thank you to Visit Golden and The Eddy Taproom & Hotel for hosting our wonderful trip to Golden, Colorado.


  1. Yuppie. Lived here 40 years. It’s Goulder to locals. Aka another Boulder, something we NEVER wanted so I stay in Morrison or West now.


    1. I love living in Golden. My kids can ride bikes downtown with friends to get ice cream, Sunday strolls through campus, a cafe au lait and cafe 13, quick hike up South Table Mountain, spicy tofu on the patio at Thai Gold, delicious samplings of Nepalese food in the backyard of Sherpa House are among my must dos. I love this place we call home.


  2. That sounded so fun! I can’t believe the tea shop allow dogs inside. That’s amazing 👏 It shows they understand us dog people. Almost everything we do is so much better with our dog by our side! We will definitely spend some time in Golden!!


    1. She went right up to the counter, put her paws up and got a treat! Yes, they are dog-people, but that’s the whole town, really.


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