Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist

It seems that all writers write similar Valentine’s Day getaway articles around this time of year. I know I have. So, I decided to shake it up a little and write something a little bit different. You can shape your own adventure but I hope this will give you a good place to start. Grab your sweetheart or just a good friend and get ready for a Valentine’s Day escapade! 

Cheesy Valentine

Unless you’re lactose intolerant—I am so sorry—cheese is always the answer (although sometimes the answer is tacos). This business in Longmont has so much cheese that you may cry in exaltation when you see it. 

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (1) HeidiTown

Visiting the Cheese Importers is like a field trip for adults. The cheese room is so large and beautiful that it can be downright overwhelming. It’s changed a bit since COVID-19 entered the picture. For instance, the cafe is closed and I am unsure if there are tasters in the cheese room, but the cheese room is open along with the fantastic French market. 

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My full-time Valentine and husband, Ryan, and I have gone to the Cheese Importers for multiple purposes, often trying to pair a beer with cheese. Once, we tried to pair a high-end tequila we’d gotten in Mexico. It more or less worked out. After all, I’ve never met a cheese or high-end tequila I didn’t like.

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (2) HeidiTown
I am wearing a coat the provide because the cheese room is kept at a chilly temperature.

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (3) HeidiTown

Take your sweetheart by the hand and take them to Longmont. Let him or her pick out a favorite cheese or two, add some crackers from the store, and head to a nearby brewery. There are many breweries to choose from and your cheesy snack will go perfectly with a pint.

Tacos Are Sexy

A taco tour is sexy, believe me. We did it in 2018! Read “A Denver “Tequila & Tacos Anniversary Outing” here on HeidiTown.

There are lots of places you can do a tour in Colorado. I’ve been eating my way through Northern Colorado’s tacos shops for Tacos & Pho but there are other taco regions too.

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (4) HeidiTown
Slope & Hatch always brings their A game. Here are their calamari tacos.

In Glenwood Springs, stay at Hotel Colorado and be sure to put Slope & Hatch on your taco tour of this charming little town. Glenwood Springs has everything you want for a Valentine’s Day getaway including hot springs. It’s actually one of our favorite towns and we’ve spent several anniversaries there. 

Valentine's Day in Colorado with a Twist, Courtesy Photo, HeidiTown
Hotel Colorado, courtesy photo

Colorado Springs or Pueblo are also wonderful Colorado taco towns. And if you love all things smothered in green chile, you’ve got to get to Pueblo. 

Just Dance

Giving dance lessons to someone is just good Valentine’s Day etiquette. Or you can take your sweetheart dancing. I think the pandemic has made this activity less available, but I think it’s time we started to dance again.

We came upon a public dance while visiting Cortez, Colorado, and joined in. It was one of the most fun and memorable experiences I’ve had traveling.

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I don’t think the public dances at the Millennium Center in Cortez still occur, but there are dance classes available through Legacy Dance. I found them by doing a quick search on Google. There are most likely dance classes available in your area. This is an out-of-the-box gift that will stoke the fire of romance.

Beer Me Again and Again

If learning new dance steps isn’t for you, perhaps beer is. I am married to a super-creative man, and for that, I am very appreciative. He has gotten me dance lessons in the past and put together all sorts of fun tour ideas over the years. 

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (10) HeidiTown

Just utilize Lyft or Uber to get around or, if you’re feeling super lavish, hire a car and driver. Put together a personalized plan, which may involve tasters if you are in a new-to-you area, or pints of a certain variety, like all stouts or all IPAs, for instance. 

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There are some towns that are fairly walkable, like Golden, Colorado. Others, like Colorado Springs, will require some driving, so plan ahead. Did you know there are more than thirty breweries in the Springs? It’s mind-boggling. 

Denver is perhaps one of the easiest places to do a self-guided tour. Pick an area and you might be able to walk it (like RINO, for instance). Of course, Fort Collins is always a good choice when it comes to beer. The surrounding area is also bursting with beer. In fact, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland makes a special Valentine’s beer each year. This year, it is a peanut butter cup—yum!

Valentine’s Day in Colorado with a Twist (11) HeidiTown
My Valentine drinking this year’s Bleeding Heart from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

For alternatives to driving check out the BrewHop Trolley in Longmont. They aren’t running a town loop due to the pandemic, but they can be chartered.

Group Wedding in LOVEland

Yes, you can be married in LOVEland on Valentine’s Day! Or, you can renew your wedding vows. Ryan and I did the latter several years ago and it was super fun. More details on this Loveland Group Wedding here.

Heidi & Ryan My Big Day Group Wedding in Loveland
My Big Day Group Wedding in Loveland, Colorado


  1. We love RINO for walking beer tours! Glenwood Springs is slowly becoming an option for a walking tour with the Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, Casey Brewing Taproom and the Stoneyard Distilling Tasting room that opened last year. We’re planning a staycation for that soon!


    1. There might not be a brewery walk yet, but Glenwood is so walkable. We love that about the town.


  2. One lucky guy you got there!! Those all sound fun.


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