Introducing HeidiTown Consulting & the Future of HeidiTown

There is a chance that you’ve heard this news already, and I want to write this post so that no one gets the wrong idea.

HeidiTown is not coming to an end, however, I am starting a new company.

Introducing, Heidi KS Consulting HeidiTown Consulting!

HeidiTown Consulting Biz Card Pic

I wouldn’t be qualified to start this company if not for HeidiTown. After all, having been the Mayor for 15 years has taken me to many small towns in Colorado and beyond. I opened up google maps and counted. To my astonishment, I’ve been to more than 100 small towns.

And, I love them all. In fact, Ryan laughs at the fact that I openly declare, on every trip something along the lines of, “This is the best view I have ever seen,” “I want to live here,” or “I love this town.” As silly as it sounds, I mean it at the time!

I have an incredible passion for those places a little off the main drag, or perhaps not on those “best of” lists that seem to come out daily.

Introducing Heidi KS Consulting & the Future of HeidiTown (1)
The Colorado Farm Brewery in Alamosa, Colorado.

More than anything, I like to expand the horizons of my readers. Whether that is finding a destination they’ve never been to or changing their perspective of a place.

Perhaps there is no bigger example than when my 2016 article on HeidiTown was picked up by Next with Kyle Clark. Entitled “The Truth About the Towns on Colorado’s Worst Places to Live List ,” it was my heartfelt response to an article I saw being shared a lot on social media about the ten worst towns in Colorado.

In all honesty, the article made me seriously angry. Here was someone who had clearly never even visited these towns, claiming that statistics proved his point. In my article, I listed good things about all ten towns and I am happy to report that the article became one of my most popular of all time.

Introducing Heidi KS Consulting & the Future of HeidiTown (2)
The Retro Inn in Cortez, Colorado

Every town tells a story and citizens who reside there need to be proud of that story and proud of their town because it starts with them. Without pride, nothing else—tourism, economic development—works well.

HeidiTown has been telling those town stories for years, and now, through Heidi KS Consulting HeidiTown Consulting, I am going to help towns be extraordinary by opening eyes and hearts.

I don’t know exactly how HeidiTown is going to fit into my new venture, but I assure you that it will have a place. After all, I love our little town. The community that has grown up around HeidiTown here and on social media is truly special, and I won’t let that go away.

One thing I know for sure is that you can expect more Dust Bowl Road Trip type of adventures on HeidiTown. I think the future is bright for both HeidiTown and Heidi KS Consulting HeidiTown Consulting. It’s so bright, we all gotta wear shades!

Introducing Heidi KS Consulting & the Future of HeidiTown (3)
At Big B’s in Hotchkiss, Colorado.


  1. So excited for your new venture! Can’t wait to see where it takes you, literally and figurately. 🙂


  2. Congratulations i wish you the very best on this exciting new adventure.


  3. Love the new venture! I think it’s needed by “small town America”, now more than ever! All the best!


  4. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished and excited to see where this new adventure takes you!


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