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Liven Things Up This Winter with Food & Festival Fun

January 28, 2020

Why Do Snowdown, a Winter Festival, in Durango, Colorado

January 21, 2020

Food Fun in Fort Collins, Colorado: Tacos & Benedict, Oh My

January 15, 2020

Take Your Furry Friend to Dog-Friendly Fort Collins, Colorado

January 8, 2020

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Featured Festival Loveland Oktoberfest HeidiTown (1)
Festivals, September

Featured Festival: Loveland Oktoberfest, Sept. 13-14, 2019

‘Tis the season of Oktoberfest and I love it. There’s nothing better than beer, brats, sauerkraut and polka on a crisp fall day. Okay, fall actually doesn’t start until September 23, but there have already been a few brisk Colorado ... [ Read More ]
Short Colorado Hike, Big Rewards The Grottos Trail. HeidiTown (7)
Colorado, Travel

Short Colorado Hike, Big Rewards: The Grottos Trail

I do not usually review hikes on HeidiTown, but we came upon The Grottos Trail rather unexpectedly and had such a good time, I thought it deserved to be highlighted. We spent a wonderful three-nights at the Limelight Hotel in ... [ Read More ]
A Completely Different Hotel in Colorado Springs SCP Hotel. HeidiTown (1)
Colorado, Travel

A Completely Different Hotel in Colorado Springs: SCP Hotel

 Sitting in the hot tub I overhead a conversation about the hotel we were all staying in, SCP Hotel.  “It’s really different,” said one of the women.  “Oh yes. I was worried when we pulled up and it looked like ... [ Read More ]
Where to Sleep & What to Eat in Ouray, Colorado. HeidiTown (6)
Colorado, Dining, Travel

Where to Sleep & What to Eat in Ouray, Colorado

It had been a few years since we’d visited, and as we pulled into Ouray, late on a Thursday afternoon, I realized how much I’d missed this little village. Ouray encapsulate everything that is special about Colorado. Ouray, Colorado We ... [ Read More ]
Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Colorado Springs I Did It. HeidiTown (2)
Colorado, Travel

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Colorado Springs: I Did It

Here’s the thing, I am not an athlete. I love sports but I prefer to watch them with beer and wings. Over several summers I have had friends who have tried to get me to go SUPing with them, but ... [ Read More ]
Quray, Colorado Hot Springs Pool & a Visit to the Source. HeidiTown (7)
Colorado, Travel

Ouray, Colorado: Hot Springs Pool & a Visit to the Source

Ouray is a quintessential Rocky Mountain town. There’s no ski slope here, but the Colorado vibe is strong. Tucked between soaring mountains of the San Juans, it has everything a person needs to make them happy, including a distillery.  It ... [ Read More ]
You Need to See The World of WearableArt™ Colorado Springs. HeidiTown (8)
Colorado, Museums, Theater

You Need to See the World of WearableArt™: Colorado Springs

Here’s a little story about me that you probably won’t believe but it is true. Today, I sport torn jeans and old t-shirts but there was a time when I filled binders with fashion drawings. That’s right, as a teenager, ... [ Read More ]
Connecting with My Ancestors Throwing Axes in Ouray, Colorado. HeidiTown (3)
Colorado, Travel

Connecting with My Ancestors: Throwing Axes in Ouray, Colorado

Here’s the real deal. When I found out we were going to throw axes during a trip to Ouray, Colorado, I wasn’t thrilled. After all, throwing axes sounds athletic and I am not athletic. It also sounds a bit like ... [ Read More ]
NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado. HeidiTown (2)
Colorado, Travel

NEW this Summer at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado

We love Glenwood Springs. It’s the town we’ve visited the most due to the fact that we started frequenting Glenwood long before I started HeidiTown. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort includes a spa and gym. Ryan, who was raised in Colorado, ... [ Read More ]
Pedal Less, Bike More with Electric Bikes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. HeidiTown.com 2
Colorado, Travel

Pedal Less, Bike More with Electric Bikes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

After a three-year hiatus, we spent three-nights in Steamboat Springs this past June. I enjoy this town’s mix of bikes and horses, hiking boots and cowboy boots and flat caps and cowboy hats. It’s a town that reflects Colorado in ... [ Read More ]