Your inner geek is showing! My favorite Star Trek characters

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been a fan of “Star Trek: the Next Generation” since childhood. The new movie, “Star Trek,” due out Friday, is bringing out my inner-geek. My all-time favorite character from the Star Trek franchise is Data, played brilliantly by Brent Spiner. When I was a child, Data intrigued me simply because he was a robot, but as I grew older, I realized

Robin Hood on the BBC

Sometimes my inner geek shines through.    The truth is, I  quietly  enjoy Superhero movies, renaissance festivals, sci-fi and the occasional video game.   Recently I found a show that appeals to my hidden  inner geek.  The show is  “Robin Hood” on the BBC America.   It is a delightful  series  starring a cast of  amusing characters.   Robin Hood is played by British actor Jonas Armstrong. He is fun