Your inner geek is showing! My favorite Star Trek characters


As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been a fan of “Star Trek: the Next Generation” since childhood. The new movie, “Star Trek,” due out Friday, is bringing out my inner-geek.

My all-time favorite character from the Star Trek franchise is Data, played brilliantly by Brent Spiner. When I was a child, Data intrigued me simply because he was a robot, but as I grew older, I realized it was his unyielding fascination with human beings that makes the character so enjoyable. In Data’s desire to unravel the mystery of what it is to be human, we, as the human audience, discover a little something about ourselves.

Some of my most beloved episodes involve Data delving into the character of Sherlock Holmes while on the holodeck. Like Data, Holmes is always rational and logical, and Holmes is probably  the one human  Data   ever really  figured out.

My second favorite character was Q. John de Lancie played this puzzling, God-like alien, who liked to pop on board the Enterprise whenever he felt like mucking around. He especially liked to goad the usually unflappable Captain Picard. Episodes featuring Q provided some of the most entertaining shows in the series.

Who was your favorite character?


  1. I think each character is so unique that knowing who people like most can give a glimpse into that person deeper character. You could write a book or publish an entire paper on this sort of character analysis, much like asking someone what super power they might have.
    I am partial to Picard, though I have to agree that Q always provided the most interesting shows. Spock has to be the best in the original series. I liked the episode that took them to a mobster earth, put away those phasers and grab your tommy gun!


    1. I love Data, Spock and Worf very much but my all time favorite character is Jadzia Dax.


  2. Hey you commented on my blog so I thought I would check yours out!

    Its so hard to pick my favorite! I love all the TNG characters. I feel like I know them…which is weird to say but I am a girl who loves star trek so you can imagine;)

    I also love Data. As I got older I realized how good of an actor Brent Spiner is through Data. I mean sometimes his “systems” went all kaflooee or some weird scientist put his brain in him and Data would be a different person that episode. Love his versatility. But I could find something I love about all of the TNG cast.

    love your posts!


  3. Excellent! I love that “Star Trek” generates so many heartfelt comments!

    Boldly going…


  4. Mr. Spock has always been my favorite Star Trek character. His ability to completely set aside emotional considerations and analyze situations with strict logic has always “fascinated” me. Data would run a close second for the same reason. Although, ironically he was concerned that his lack of emotion limited his understanding of what it means to be truly human. These two characters represent the fine line we all try to walk. The line separating the emotions that make us care, and the facts that seem to always get in the way of what we think we need to do about what we care about.


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