While I’ve been a very competent walker since I was 2-years-old, running isn’t really my thing. However, when Jeff Owsley, founder of the Rio Frio on Ice 5K asked me to come to Alamosa, Colorado and run his new 5K on the frozen Rio Grande River, I decided to do it. After all, I thought, it will make a good story.

Rio Frio on Ice 2016 HeidiTown.com

It did more than make a good story; the trip introduced me to one of Colorado’s hidden gems, the San Luis Valley. The valley really isn’t really hidden, after all, it’s considered the world’s largest alpine valley, but it is sprinkled with many unknown gems and we only scratched the surface of discovering them on this trip.

The valley is comprised of six Colorado counties and is surrounded by mountain ranges; the San Juans, the Sangre de Cristos, the San Luis Hills and the Taos Plateau. The San Luis Valley’s scenic views are a beautiful combination of desolate desert vistas punctuated by colossal mountains in the distance and the view is consistent no matter which direction one is facing.

San Luis Valley HeidiTown.com

The Rio Grande is a famous river. It forms in the San Juan Mountains and then flows through the San Luis Valley into New Mexico, then Texas and finally Mexico. It runs past towns such as Albuquerque, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico. The river serves as part of the border between the United States and Mexico and 1,896 miles long.  (Wikipedia)

To run on the Rio Grande River is to become a part of this mighty river’s story. A story steeped in American and Mexican history.

Ready to start the Rio Frio on Ice 5k in Alamosa, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

As this was my first 5K I didn’t know what to expect, but a soon as we arrived at the river’s edge I began to feel the excitement building. I can see why people love 5K races. There’s a real sense of camaraderie among competitors and by the time the race started I was ready to run – for a while anyway.

I wore grippers on my shoes, but they were almost unnecessary. The river, which was covered in a 10 to 12 inch layer of ice, was also covered in snow. While were few icy areas, running on the uneven snow is a little tricky. Being at the back of the pack was actually nice because the faster runners (Ryan was among them) beat down a nice path for the rest of us.

Rio Frio on Ice 2016 HeidiTown.com (2)

The sun was shining brightly and after just a few paces I was sweaty and gasping for oxygen. Alamosa is 7500 feet above sea level, about 2500 feet higher than where I live in Colorado. Once I adjusted my breathing the altitude wasn’t much of a long term factor.

The Rio Frio on Ice course is gorgeous and I’d venture to guess that there’s no other 5K quite like it. The river meanders to the right and to the left, often offering breathtaking views of mountains in the distance. I meant to take a photo of the mountains on the way back, but got so focused on the race that I forgot.

Rio Frio on Ice 2016 HeidiTown.com (3)

I finished the Rio Frio on Ice 5K!!!

I didn’t run during the entire race. I started run/walking, but it got the job done. I did finish and I must say that crossing the line to cheers was a nice reward even if I was at the back of the pack.

This was a super fun 5K and I would definitely do it again. Plus, I can now say I’ve run on the Rio Grande River and not many folks can say that.

Rio Frio on Ice 2016 HeidiTown.com (4)

Congrats to the overall race winners in the male/female category, Enrique Salcedo and Amy Carpenter.

Watch for upcoming blog posts about this trip. Find out what gems we discovered while in the San Luis Valley.

Thank you to the Rio Frio Ice Fest and Visit Alamosa for hosting us on this trip.

Snow Mountain Ranch certainly lives up to its name during the winter months. This YMCA of the Rockies property, located near Winter Park, Colorado, has enough winter sports activities available that guests would need to spend at least a week to do them all.

Snow Mountain Ranch instagram HeidiTown.com

We stayed for three nights and did as many as was humanly possible. I’ve already blogged about our dog sledding excursion and sleigh ride, but we did much more.

Snowshoeing Snow Mountain Ranch

We stayed in a Snow Mountain Ranch cabin that was near several good snowshoe areas. After taking the dog for a walk on the snow packed road, we strapped on our snowshoes and headed out. Our old dog is a little too old for slogging through the snow so we left her at the cabin.

Snow Mountain Ranch, a winter sports wonderland. Snowshoeing HeidiTown.com

We stayed on a trail for awhile, but Ryan wanted to get away from the cabins and cross country ski trails so he decided that he should cut us a new trail. However, he severely underestimated the depth of the snow. Ryan started uphill and then turned to trudge horizontally across the mountain before he started plowing downhill.

I enjoyed the spectacular scenery while Ryan broke trail in front of me stopping occasionally to wipe the sweat from his brow.

As twilight began to fall we followed what was most likely a moose trail that eventually intersected our original trail back to the cabin.

Next time Ryan will probably opt to stick to the trail.

Fat Biking at Snow Mountain Ranch

Fat biking is all the rage in Colorado and you can give it a try at the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center. I’d recommend giving it a try before committing to buying a fatbike, continue reading to learn why.

Snow Mountain Ranch, a winter wonderland. Fat biking HeidiTown.com

Ryan went fat biking while I was photographing the Colorado Mountain Musher dog sled races, also being held on Nordic Center trails.

It turns out that fat biking isn’t easy. After taking a couple headers over the handlebars – yes he was wearing a helmet – Ryan got the hang of it, sort of. He says downhill is definitely more fun than uphill and that the activity provides an excellent workout. While he won’t be investing in a fatbike any time soon, he’s glad he gave it a try and can see why avid mountain bikers have taken such a shine to the sport.

Cross country ski at Snow Mountain Ranch

I fell in love with the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center. After indulging in a delicious bison chili in their cafe, I clipped into my skis whilst being serenaded by German music flowing from the outside speaker system. I felt like I was about to embark on a ski outing in the Alps.

The Nordic trails at Snow Mountain Ranch were a delight and I only had to clip out of my skis a couple times when our green trails intersected with some blues and blacks. Despite having Nordic skied for a number of years, I’m still afraid of big downhill runs. Ryan, a born skier, did not clip out, but enjoyed the occasional downhill jaunts.

Snow Mountain Ranch, a winter sports wonderland. Cross Country Skiing HeidiTown.com

The trails have a nice array of scenery; some wide open vistas and some tree lined routes.

Note: Snow Mountain Ranch is a great place to have your skis waxed. Mine were in desperate need of a good waxing and it cost just $20 and took only 20 minutes.

Other winter sports available at Snow Mountain Ranch include ice skating, horseback riding in the snow and sledding on the tubing hill.

Thank you to Snow Mountain Ranch for hosting us on this fabulous winter getaway. 

Loveland Fire & Ice Festival LogoThis fire and ice extravaganza in Loveland, Colorado is an exciting event with a little something for everyone in the family.

Occurring over Valentine’s Day weekend in February, it’s the perfect reason to visit the Sweetheart City. The theme of the event is “The Yin & Yang of Light & Dark,” and this theme will be evident throughout the three-day festival.

Fire, fire, fire at Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

This festival embraces fire in several ways. First, the sky above downtown Loveland will light up with firework on all three nights of the event. In addition, there will be fire performers. Fire performing has been gaining popularity in Colorado and if you haven’t had the opportunity to watch a performer/dancer, it’s a mesmerizing experience. There will be multiple fire artists at Loveland Fire & Ice Festival.

metal fire sculpture Loveland Fire & Ice festival

“Take a look at this incredible metal sculpture that we are bringing to the Loveland Fire and Ice Festival thanks to Caitlin Morris! It’s going to be amazing!!” ~Loveland Fire Festival on Facebook

In another nod to the fire theme, the historic buildings along Loveland’s Fourth Street will be lit up in various colors.

Ice, ice baby at Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

Loveland Fire & Ice Festival features an invitational ice sculpture contest. Twenty blocks of ice will be transformed into frozen art pieces during the event and live ice sculpting is an awesome thing to behold. The awards ceremony for the ice sculpting part of the festival will be held at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening on the Main Stage.

Loveland Fire & Ice Festival 2015. HeidiTown.com (9)

Bands, bands & more bands at Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

Music plays a large part of Loveland Fire & Ice Festival. There will be four stages around downtown Loveland and festival goers will be able to find musical entertainment at any point in the festival. On Saturday evening the Joe O’Bryan Band will headline, while on Sunday the Steve Manshel Band will take the stage before the final fireworks show at 9 p.m.

Loveland Fire & Ice Festival 2015. HeidiTown.com  (15)

New this year, the festival organizers have brought in some very special guests. “Tea Time with Devon Murray and Paula DuPre’ Presman” from the Harry Potter movies is a ticketed event on Saturday morning held at the Rialto Theater. Also that morning, at the Rialto, “A Magical Moment” with Devon Murray and Paula DuPre’ Presman.

Throughout the festival visitors can browse the Motor Vehicle Showcase, take a free horse and carriage ride, enjoy children’s activities, grab a bite from a local food truck and more.

The schedule for Loveland Fire & Ice Festival is jam packed with fun. See it in its entirety here.

Loveland Fire & Ice Festival

February 12-14, 2016

Loveland, Colorado (downtown)

Admission: FREE

(Harry Potter event at the Rialto Theater is ticketed)


Loveland Fire & Ice on Facebook

Loveland Fire & Ice on Twitter

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You’ve heard about it in songs and perhaps you’ve seen it in a movie or commercials, but did you know that you can do it right here in Colorado? Several places around Colorado offer horse and sleigh rides, and earlier this winter we got to experience an outing at Snow Mountain Ranch, a beautiful YMCA of the Rockies property in Grand County, Colorado.

A sleigh ride at snow mountain ranch. Natalie & Rufio. HeidiTown.com

We arrived at Sombrero Stables a little before our scheduled excursion. All the draft horse teams were lined up, waiting to be hitched to their sleighs for multiple afternoon outings, so we walked down the line giving head scratches and taking photos.

I fell in love with draft horses while writing a series of articles about Norwegian Fjords for a Colorado newspaper. Draft horses are called “gentle giants” for a reason; their demeanor is calm and they are unlike any other horse I’ve been around. I love their chill personalities.

Sombrero Stables has a large group of draft horses that winter over at the ranch, from a ginormous pair of Percherons, Hank and Tank, to a pair of beautiful Belgians, Claire and Belle.

Claire & Belle, a team of draft horses at Sombrero Stables at Snow Mountain Ranch. HeidiTown.com

Claire & Belle

Our sleigh was pulled by Rufio, a reddish horse of mysterious origins. He came to the ranch without a story, a bit unusual, but they quickly learned that he was a great cart horse and put him to work pulling one-horse open sleighs.

A sleigh ride at Snow Mountain Ranch. Rufio - HeidiTown.com

Our wrangler was Natalie from Wisconsin. She was a wealth of knowledge and told us lots of stories as our sleigh glided through the snowy world of Snow Mountain Ranch. I learned that draft horses teams are usually composed of the same two horse every time they pull and these two horses grow very close, hanging out together in their off time too. Longtime teams are often inseparable.

After Ryan and I were tucked into the sleigh Rufio made his way through a sun dappled forest. We eventually found ourselves in a little clearing where a fire was burning. On a nearby picnic table we discovered all the accouterments for roasting marshmallows. We climbed out of the sleigh, drank hot cider and I burned a marshmallow (I have no patience for roasting the perfect marshmallow).

A sleigh ride at Snow Mountain Ranch. Heidi & Ryan pose with the reigns. HeidiTown.com

The sleigh ride was relaxing and the scenery was stunning. This excursion would make a great Colorado Valentine’s Day experience with your sweetheart.

There are other sleigh rides available at Sombrero Stables at Snow Mountain Ranch including hot cocoa sleigh rides with a group and private outings like the one we experienced. If you’d rather get on a horse and go on a trail ride, that’s available too – even in the winter. Go to Sombrero.com for details on the various activities the stables offer.

A sleigh ride at Snow Mountain Ranch 4. HeidiTown.com

Thank you to Snow Mountain Ranch for hosting us on this trip and a special thank you to Sombrero Stables, Natalie and Rufio. 

Three years ago I got together for drinks with two good friends, Christine Forster, owner of My Big Day Events and Mechelle Martz-Mayfield, owner of NOCO Short Bus Tours. That’s when we developed My Big Date, the first-ever Valentine’s Day tour packages in Loveland, Colorado.

My Big Date, Valentines Day in Loveland, Brunch & Brew Tour Two. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer (13)

My Big Date, Valentine’s Day tours in Loveland, Colorado.

This year, we’re at it again and the My Big Date tours are better than ever. We even have a hotel partner offering discounted rates to our attendees. This is especially important because it’s difficult to get a hotel room in Loveland on Valentine’s Day weekend – most hotels book up.

Our tours are so good that our VIP Brunch & Brew tour on 2/14/16 is already sold out, but there are still available tours on 2/13/16.

Brunch & Beer in Loveland – what’s not to love?

This year’s brunches are being held at the award-winning brewery, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. One of Loveland’s first microbreweries, Grimm has won numerous awards at beer competitions and is a longtime favorite of mine (I’ve known these guys since they were brewing in their garage).

Our brunch tours start with a coffee tasting at LOCO Artisan Coffee. This coffeehouse serves Brewsworthy Coffee and roaster extraordinaire, Tom Helm, will be on hand to walk guests through a few different blends.

Tom Helm talks about his coffee on the 2015 My Big Date Brunch & Brew. (2)

Tom Helm talks about his coffee on the 2015 My Big Date Brunch & Brew.

Next up is brunch at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. The brunch will be provided by Taste Catering Company. We used Taste last year and our guests blown away by the inspired dishes they served up. At brunch guests are treated to a four course meal where each dish is expertly paired with a Grimm Brothers beer. Think wild mushroom parmesan polenta with prosciutto Benedict covered in green chili hollandaise served with a GABF silver medal winning dunkel.  

My Big Date, Valentines Day in Loveland, Brunch & Brew Tour Two. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer (8)

One of the delicious dishes that Taste served up on last year’s My Big Date Brunch & Brew tours.

After brunch it’s off to Loveland Aleworks in downtown where you’ll indulge in a beer flight and cupcakes by B. Sweet Cupcakes.

My Big Date, Valentine's Day in Loveland, Brunch & Brew Tour 1. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer (12)

Cupcakes on last year’s last stop, Crow Hop Brewing.

Cocktails in Loveland? Yes, please!

Our Spirits Tours, also available on 2/13/16 start with a special My Big Date cocktail and tapas at Origins Wine Bar & Woodfired Pizza in downtown Loveland. Next up is a tour and tasting at Spring 44, a marquee Loveland distillery. The last stop is at Climb Hard Cider for a flight of ciders served with a cupcake.

Brewery & Spirits Tour. Valentines Day in Loveland. My Big Date. Kerr-Schlaefer (7)

Spring 44, a Loveland-based distillery specializing in quality spirits.

The best part is that you don’t have to drive. The NOCO Short Bus will transport our guests between all stops on our tours and even drop them off in downtown so that our happy couples can spend some time at Loveland Fire & Ice Festival.

All couples on the tour also receive an awesome SWAG bag that we hope will entice them to stick around Loveland or to return. Items include numerous beer tokens, 2-for-one ice skating coupons, discounts for events at the Budweiser Events Center and much more.

Plan to spend your Valentine’s Day in Loveland, Colorado this year. To book this amazing Valentine’s Day getaway in Loveland, Colorado go to ValentinesDayinLoveland.com/packages.

Last year I finally got the opportunity to attend the International Snow Sculpting Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado. I’d known about the event for years and wondered if it would live up to the hype.

We were booked at the Village at Breckenridge and our room overlooked the parking lot in which the snow sculpting teams were working on their creations.

We were lucky enough to stay for long enough to watch the sculptures as they were carved into their various final compositions.

As we watched the sculptures take shape over several days I was blown away by the size and intricacy of each piece. The photographs I had seen of this event, while amazing, just simply hadn’t done it justice. Seeing this event in person is truly astounding.

1st place Team Lithuania at the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado. HeidiTown (1)

1st place Team Lithuania at the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado 2015.

1st place Team Lithuania at the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado. HeidiTown (7)

1st place Team Lithuania 2015

This year’s event International Snow Sculpting Championships run Jan. 18 through February 7, 2016. The ideal time to visit, in my opinion, is Jan. 26-30 while the sculptures are being created, especially Jan. 29 when the teams work late into the night to finish their pieces. Watching the sculptures come to life, so to speak, is quite astonishing.

Lots of other fun happenings take place around this event. Do not miss the Fire Arts Festival running January 28-31, 2016. Produced by the Breck Create the multi-day event features burning sculptures, workshops, fire performers, music and other pyrotechnic special effects-filled entertainment throughout the Breckenridge Arts District.

Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships 2015. Team Germany - Agrawal. Second Place. HeidiTown (1)

Team Germany – Agrawal, Second Place 2015

Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships 2015. Team Germany - Agrawal. Second Place. HeidiTown (2)

2nd place Team Germany – Agrawal 2015

There are lots of things to do in Breckenridge and that’s why it’s one of my favorite Colorado winter towns. During last year’s visit we went on a guided snowshoe trek at the beautiful Breckenridge Nordic Center and I wrote about our outing here.

While in town we also hit up old favorites such as Angel’s Hollow (Mexican food with a Breckenridge twist) and tried Empire Burger for the first time. While good, I’m not sure these burgers were worth the unbelievably long wait for a table. That being said, we had an amazing breakfast at their sister restaurant Park & Main. I’d highly recommend this place for a delicious and affordable breakfast in Breckenridge.

Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships, Team Minnesota, Third Place.  HeidiTown (2)

Team Minnesota, 3rd Place 2015

Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships, Team Minnesota, Third Place.  HeidiTown (5)

Team Minnesota, 3rd Place 2015

Here’s some helpful tips about the Snow Sculpture Championships.

The sculptures are located around the River Walk Center at 150 West Adams Avenue. There is free bus transportation around Breckenridge making it easy to get around town. Don’t miss the history of the event on display inside the Thaw Lounge+Music. The exhibit covers all 25 years of this signature Breckenridge event. Feel free to talk to the artists. Most of the teams will take time to talk to the public about their sculptures.

For more go to GoBreck.com.

Thank you to GoBreck for hosting us on last year’s visit to Breckenridge during the Snow Sculpting Championships.

Races are a dime a dozen around Colorado and 5K races are held nearly every weekend around the state. So how does an organization make their 5K stand out from all the rest? They run the race on the frozen Rio Grande River in January.

Rio Frio on Ice Featured Festival HeidiTown

All photos courtesy of the Rio Frio on Ice.

Rio Frio on Ice 5K & Fremont Haunt

The Rio Frio on Ice is a 5K race that runs in conjunction with Alamosa’s Rio Frio Ice Fest. The race is literally ran on the frozen Rio Grande River and the concept was so unique that the race was featured in Runner’s World even before its first year.

This year, race organizers have added a second “on river” event. The Fremont Haunt was inspired by a real life expedition that took place in the mid-1800s. Only 21 members of the 33 man expedition made it home and many perished in Alamosa County.

The Fremont Haunt is sort of like a coffin race with costumed teams of seven carrying two “dead bodies” down the frozen river. There are some other rules too and you can see them here. This event is a great way to raise a little money for an organization or just a good excuse to get your friends together for some on ice shenanigans.

Rio Frio on Ice finish line. Featured Festival, HeidiTown.com

Rio Frio Ice Fest

The Rio Frio Ice Fest kicks off in downtown on Friday (1/29/16) with a party at the old Grove Theater in downtown Alamosa. This year’s festival theme is Star Wars, which should inspire some very fun ice sculptures.

Ice sculpting is at the heart of the event and on Saturday you can watch live ice sculpting downtown. Saturday’s events also include the 5K, a scavenger hunt, costume contest for kids, a bonfire and more. On tap for Sunday is a pancake breakfast, family activities, a bike race on the Rio Grande and the Fremont Haunt Parade and Race.

Ice sculpting at Rio Frio Ice Fest. Featured Festival, HeidiTown

This will be an excellent time to visit Alamosa. Whether you run the race or just want to be a winter festival attendee, the town will be abuzz with all sorts of fun for the entire family.

Alamosa is home to my favorite chile beer, the San Luis Valley Brewing’s Valle Caliente, so be sure to stop by and try a pint while you’re in town. For information on where to stay and dine in Alamosa during Rio Frio visit Alamosa.org.

Note from the Mayor: Guess what, citizens? I’m running the Rio Frio on Ice. Well, running may be a bit of an exaggeration. I’m not really a runner, but I’ve been walking since I was just 2-years-old so I will get over that finish line one way or another. See you in Alamosa!

Rio Frio Ice Fest

January 29 to 31, 2016

Alamosa, Colorado

Rio Frio Ice Festival – FREE

Register for the Rio Frio on Ice & Fremont Haunt here


Join the Rio Frio on Ice on Facebook

Join Visit Alamosa on Twitter

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Dog sledding in Colorado? Yes, you can. I’ve done it twice now and our experience this past week at Snow Mountain Ranch was like no other.

Dog sledding at Snow Mountain Ranch. HeidiTown.com

I was a huge fan of the Iditarod when I was a kid. The race incorporates lots of things I love; dogs, snow and perseverance.

Snow Mountain Ranch is part of the YMCA of the Rockies. It is located between Winter Park and Granby, Colorado and is a snow sports fanatic’s dream destination. In addition to dog sledding guests can participate in everything from cross country skiing to fat biking to ice skating and the best part? Guests never have to leave the property. Continue Reading…

I was asked recently to write a “tips for attending winter festivals” post. Well, I had already written that post way back in 2014. Since it has some great winter festival survival tips I decided I’d re-post the original article. 

The following post originally appeared on HeidiTown.com on February 7, 2014.


I was prompted to write this post after an experience I had last month during Breckenridge’s Ullr Festival. For the first time ever I experienced the terrible symptoms of severe dehydration. As a longtime Coloradan, I am embarrassed to admit this, but it happened and it’s NOT fun.

On our second night in town, after soaking in the beautiful hot tubs at Grand Timber Lodge, we went out to dinner where I started to feel shaky and nauseated. I thought I was coming down with the flu. I didn’t touch dinner and had to head back to our condo early where I crawled into bed with intense muscle cramps and aches all over my body.

The next day I was fine, a bit weak, but otherwise back to normal. When I searched my symptoms on Google, I discovered that I had suffered from dehydration. Usually I drink a ton of water, but on this trip I was so busy with Nordic skiing and partying that hydration had skipped my mind. It won’t happen again.

This long story leads me to tip number 1, which is HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE!

Beer at Breckenridge Brewery. HeidiTown.com

It’s delicious, but it’s not water. Drink one of these and follow it up with a pint of water.

Colorado is at elevation – all of it – but especially in the mountains where most of the great winter festivals take place. Dehydration can happen to anyone, even a Colorado resident – case in point -but those coming from outside the state should be even more conscientious of this issue. Continue Reading…

Each year I compile a list of my top ten highlights and each year it gets harder. This year was no exception. From birding festivals to wine festivals to festive Christmas outings, 2015 was chockablock with amazing Colorado experiences.

I truly hope you took inspiration from my travels and had a few Colorado festival and travel highlights of your own this year. At the end of this post feel free to leave a comment telling me a few of yours.

Without further ado, here are my top ten highlights of 2015 in no particular order.

The gift of a tomato in Crested Butte

Top 10 HeidiTown Highlights of 2015. The magic of Crested Butte.

There’s a real kind of magic in Crested Butte.

Coloradans adore Crested Butte and before I visited this fall I wondered if the town would live up to the hype. Not only did it live up to my expectations, it exceeded them. The Crested Butte story I will tell for the rest of my life is that of the gift of the tomato. I’d only been in town a few hours when, while riding the free bus from town to the resort, a man gave me a beautiful heirloom tomato. Where else but in Crested Butte does a person receive the gift of fruit from a perfect stranger? No wonder folks adore this quintessential Colorado town.

Snow Sculpture Festival in Breckenridge

Top 10 HeidiTown Highlights of 2015. Posing with friend and arist Kerri Ertman at the Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships.

Posing in front of the People’s Choice winner from Team Alaska with my friend and artist, Kerri Ertman.

I’d been reading and hearing about the Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge for years and in 2015, I finally attended. I discovered that there’s a good reason this event gets so much attention – it’s amazing. We were blown away by the spectacle of huge snow sculptures coming to life over the two day period while we were in town. This is an event that should absolutely be on your Colorado bucket list. Continue Reading…