Tell Me What Makes Your Town Great: Let’s Talk Assets

As a speaker, I talk a lot about town assets, and I’m referring to those things that you take for granted because it’s part of the everyday scenery. For example, I feel that many Coloradans take sunshine for granted.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where it was rainy a lot of the time. The sun that shines through my bedroom window nearly every morning is something I never take for granted. 

Georgetown, Colorado. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Georgetown, Colorado

However, I kill houseplants. I simply do not see them because at some point after I purchase a houseplant it blends into the background. Thankfully, Ryan takes care of the one bonsai that we have, otherwise we’d be a plant-free zone.

Dalhart, Texas,
Dalhart, Texas

In my travels around Colorado and beyond, I am lucky to experience a lot of various towns and their assets; assets and qualities that may not always be seen by the people who live there.

]A Small Town Worth Visiting in Colorado Meeker. HeidiTown
Meeker Sweet Shop, Meeker, Colorado

I was once on the phone with a woman from Lamar who works in the economic development sector. Lamar, a town of about 7,600, is located in southeast Colorado, about 30 minutes from the Kansas state line. 

Colorado's Back Road Towns, Lamar,
High Plains Snow Goose Festival, Lamar, Colorado

She told me a story about a Lamar park she’d frequented since her childhood. Today, she takes her son there a few times a week. One day, while there, an out-of-towner approached and said, “This is a really great little park!” Looking around, she realized it was a great little park. This was her aha moment. She had been taking this park for granted. 

A Grand Island, Nebraska Getaway Beer, History & Coney Dogs (8)
Grand Island, Nebraska

This is normal. It’s what we do, and sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder from a stranger to remind us of our town’s greatness. 

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13-54-36 Rangely Colorado's friendliest small town
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Part of why people are drawn to reading blogs like this is that they want to know what is cool about a particular place (thus deciding if they will go). The “cool” factors are often the assets of that community, whether that’s a hot spring venue, tasty restaurant or friendliness. 

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Spring for You

I want to read about your city or town. What assets does it have? And remember, like I always say in my presentations, “Your town doesn’t have to be the home to the holy grail.” Maybe it has an exceptional hamburger, or a cute downtown, or perhaps the people are truly friendly. These are all assets to a community. 

Man fishing on the Animas River in downtown Durango. Highlights from a weekend in Durango.
Animas River, Durango, Colorado

What assets does your town have? Leave me a comment below. It’s time to brag a bit about where you live.


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