A HeidiTown Favorite, The Elders, coming to Colorado

Photo by Malonda Hutson, courtesy of The Elders
Photo by Malonda Hutson, courtesy of The Elders

The Mayor’s all-time favorite band is coming to Colorado this week!   The Elders are a arse-kickin’ Celtic rock band from Kansas City.   I’ve been following this band for years and have seen them live more times than I can count.   I’ve  also  written multiple articles about them for HeidiTown and the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.   I’m a pusher too – I buy their CDs as presents, and am responsible for more than a few Elders disciples.

The Elders play Colorado several times a year and are the headliners at The Fort Collins Irish Festival ever summer.   They also  still play a free show every  July at Loveland’s Foote Lagoon Concert Series.

If you get a chance to see The Elders live, you’ve got to take it!

January 7, 2010, The Elders play The Soiled Dove in Denver, Colorado.   There are still tickets to this show and general admission starts at only $15.   I’ve seen The Elders at SD before and it’s a near perfect venue for this band. Stoll Vaughan will be the opening band. For tickets visit The Soiled Dove.  

January 8, 2010, The Elders play Rialto Theater in Loveland, Colorado.   The historical Rialto is in the heart of downtown Loveland.   Have a bite at one of the many cozy downtown restaurants and then hit the show for a foot-stomping good time.   For tickets Rialto Theater.

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  1. How were the Elders?
    Foot stomping, good time as usual?
    Wish I could have been there. They are such a fun band to hear. Love them!


  2. The show was great – but these guys are always amazing. And my Moore Street Girl shirt was acknowledged by both the bass player and lead singer. I told Ryan, if I ever see The Elders live and don’t get acknowledged, I just may cry. 🙂

    The real surprise was how much I loved the opening act. Stoll Vaughan. A singer/songwriter who can really jam on the guitar and has an amazing voice. I think you two would really enjoy his music. I got his CD and have been listening to it all morning.


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