Stoll Vaughan back in Colorado

Mark your calendars Colorado…

Stoll Vaughan at Mandolin Cafe in Loveland, Colorado (Feb. 2010). Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer

I was first introduced to Stoll Vaughan’s music  when he opened for The Elders at The Soiled Dove back in January.    In March,  I  had  the opportunity to  meet him  personally when he played  several intimate shows in  Northern Colorado.

Stoll Vaughan is a down-to-earth  singer songwriter who has been compared to Townes Van Zant and early Springsteen.    I, however, think he has developed a style all his own. Referred to as Americana Folk music, his songs will take you on a road trip  through the country  and introduce you to  new people and places  through  contemplative songwriting.

Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer

Vaughan will be  playing  at one of my favorite places in  southwest Colorado,  Dolores River Brewery, on June 2nd.    They have  great beer and one of the best  patios  in Colorado. We stayed in Dolores for three nights  last  May and  we  visited this  brewery every evening. I  liked it so much I bought a t-shirt.

On June 4th,  Vaughan will  be at Avagadro’s Number in Fort Collins, one of the best music venues in Northern Colorado.

For  Stoll Vaughan’s  tour schedule and to  hear his music visit

Listen to Stoll Vaughan on WNUK radio on 5/5/10.

THIS JUST IN:   Stoll will also be opening for Darrell Scott at The Soiled Dove on Saturday, June 5.

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