Win tickets to Battle of the Haunts – enter if you dare!

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Here’s a contest sure to make you scream!   The Mayor is giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Battle of the Haunts, the longest running haunted attraction in Northern Colorado. This attraction features TWO haunts and your ticket gets you into both. If you make it out alive, you can vote on the haunt you enjoyed the most.

First up,  Destination Terror. Enter the world of Baron Eric Rodenheiser where monsters lurk around every corner and inside every wall. From personal experience I am advising you not to tell anyone your name before you enter this haunt – you have been warned.

The second attraction at this location is  The Nightmare Experiment. Here’s a place where there really IS a monster under your bed! Hold on to your teddy bear and get ready for a creepy walk through this frightening attraction sure to induce bed-wetting.

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This contest has a twist.

One pair of tickets will go to the person who leaves an extra special comment – tell me about a truly ghostly experience. The Mayor’s favorite will win!

If you just want to be entered into the random drawing for the other tickets, leave me a comment letting me know you were here.

There will be three winners, each winning two tickets.   Winners will be announced one week from today, on Tuesday, October 19 at 9 a.m.


A special thank you to Scream Theme Studios for providing the tickets for this giveaway. Please visit them online at The Battle of the Haunts is located at the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins. For dates, times and map to the haunts, visit their Web site.




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  1. Karen

    Okay. Here’s my ghostly experience. When I was little (maybe 10) my neighborhood friends and I were pretty sure this uninhabited house across from mine was haunted. So one day, we got my small boom box, pressed *record* and propped it for a while inside the storm door of the house, and also just under the small garage door and just let it record for a while. Then we took it into my house and listened to what we got. I’ll tell you, we were literally crying, we were so freaked out by what we heard. On a street with little traffic and all the kids together and away from the house, we could not explain the deep and sometimes loud noises that were recorded. It still gives me chills. Side note: When we peered in the back door, we could see a circular saw blade embedded in the wall paneling. (!!)

  2. Coach Sean

    I’m in. I think Jax is getting old enough that he might enjoy a good scare. Looking forward to a few corn mazes and checking out a couple of haunts. Count me in.

  3. Erica

    I went ghost hunting with a paranormal investigation team at a local business here in Loveland last year. We were sitting in the cellar of this old, old house, in the dark, asking for the spirits of the dead children who’d been seen down there to make contact. To make it EVEN creepier, the house had been set up as a Haunted House for the next week. So we were surrounded by fake dead bodies, chains, and blood.
    But when they asked for contact and the chains started swaying, I was convinced.
    It was a blast! But I’d rather go to a FAKE haunted house this year.

    • The Mayor

      Was that the house out at Hearts & Horses in West Loveland? You are brave. I could NEVER do this!!! Fake haunted houses are bad enough. I think I lived in a haunted house in college… a real one. That was enough for me.

  4. Heather

    You know I absolutely love Halloween and all things totally spooky, creepy and downright eerie. However, there are some lines even I won’t cross now. When I was in college a dear friend of mine had recently passed away. A bunch of us were goofing around one night and decided to play with a Ouija Board and they tried to contact him. The vibe in the room immediately changed, the air became very thick and heavy and he answered on that board. He answered something that the people “guiding” wouldn’t have known. I fully believe that something happened that night and I haven’t been within 10 feet of a Board since…and won’t ever again.

  5. Kathryn Plummer

    I’m game to try a haunted house. Haven’t been to one in ages. I usually think of what happens in my imagination to be scary enough for anyone, but maybe a haunted house will trump my noggin’!

  6. suzspetals

    Most of my best scary stories are secondhand, but I’m a believer…. too many unexplainable events out there. When I was a teenager we visited friends in Ohio whose big old farmhouse was full of poltergeists. I used to live in Leadville which is a major otherworldly hot spot. One of the houses I lived in there was definitely not right and I couldn’t wait to move. Favorite ‘ghost’ story is from my family. I had an aunt who died of mumps when she was 6. My grandmother closed her bedroom door after and couldn’t set foot in there for months. One day as she passed in the hall she heard Mary’s music box playing in the room. It stopped when she entered, but she knew then that it was okay to go in and ‘move on.’
    PS: Pick me, pick me!;)

  7. The Mayor

    The winner for scariest story is Heather!!! Thanks to the others for writing up their best scary stories. They were all great! But ouiji board really, really freak me out.

    The other two random winners are Kathryn and Olivia.

    I am out of town and can’t seem to log into HeidiTown to get email addresses, so I will contact each of you when I fly back to Colorado tonight.

    Congrats to all and if you didn’t win this time, I’m doing another haunted house give away later this week. This time it’s for a real haunted house that’s been investigated by paranormal investigators!


  8. Heather

    Yippee! Thanks…glad my scary tales have brought me something fun, we will DEFINITELY enjoy!

  9. Kathryn Plummer

    Dee and I went to the Scream Theme Studio’s Battle of the Haunted Houses on Halloween…stood in line, in fact, to get our screamin’ jollies.
    “The Nightmare Experiment” was the first entry, complete with a visual effects tunnel making us feel we were going to vomit or fall or get lost in space. We had a “shadow” following us the whole time, banging on the walls with exquisite timing. He disappeared suddenly, right before the grill of a huge semi truck came barreling out at us! Then we were out.
    The entry for “Destination Terror” was across the room, and we were met by a woman in Victorian period dress. She ushered us into her kitchen, whereupon the blinds snapped closed and we were told that I had upset the spirits badly! Yipes! This house was less boldly and loudly scary, and more darkly eerie. A completely hidden actor in a knight’s outfit stood up from a table laden with various feet and severed hands and started audibly sharpening his eating utensils while following us along our narrow hallway path. This house had a ghastly artistic flare, and we both would have enjoyed staring at a few of the entourages, but we also were strangely aware that one was not to linger over long to admire what was supposed to have frightened the bageesus out of us!!
    Many thanks to the Mayor for pulling my name and giving us the free tickets to enjoy this entertainment!

    • The Mayor

      Thanks for the report Kathryn. I’m so glad you had fun and weren’t dismembered in any way. 🙂
      I would have peed my pants!!!

  10. Karol

    Ok I have one. Here’s my story. My kids, myself and my husband lived on the east side of Greeley before moving to fort Collins. This house was the house that a little girl passed away in a year before. It was pretty big. Our animals would all act funny. There was a time that I was home alone with the kids and the toilet would flush but the kids were sleeping, my childrens potty chair which played music would play, doors downstairs would open and shut, I swear one night I seen a dark shadow in front of my bedroom door. After we moved out we dd the same thing, we put two recorders in there over night. The next morning a friend of mine and I picked up the recorder and sat for a few hours and listened. We heard in a small far away sound a young female voice and a mans voice but could never make out what they were saying. That is my scary story.

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