HeidiTown on the Radio – Colorado winter festivals not to miss this February

This week’s radio segment is a little embarrassing. My voice is so husky that I sound like my other job might be at one of those late night phone chat establishments. The truth is that last week I was knocked on my butt with a terrible head cold/flu thing that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

sled dogs winter park
Photo from PlayWinterPark.com. Click the picture for more information on Grand Dog Days in Winter Park in February.

Anyway, I’m just about back to normal, whatever normal is, and you should totally listen to this week’s radio show. Not only to laugh at my sex-phone voice, but to learn about new dinner theater productions in the works and some Colorado winter festivals this February that should definitely be on your radar.

To hear this week’s HeidiTown segment on KRFC 88.9 FM >>>  CLICK HERE.


  1. “knocked on my butt with a terrible head cold/flu thing” … ahhh, yes. The traditional but unofficial Ullr cough. 😉


    1. haha! I’m sure that week of insane fun didn’t help, Rachel! But this was the plague and I don’t think Ullr gave me the plague – a bit of a hangover, yes. LOL!


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